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<p >hey everybody how you doing todaywelcome to traveling with Bruce this is Bruce here and welcome to winter what doyou think of this scene is this remind you of what we heard Christmas seen assnow is gently falling down big pine tree outside my frontlivingroom window is covered with snow and just looks like I should putdecorations on it it&#39;s ready to go Christmas just around the cornerhey everybody how you doing it&#39;s Bruce here with traveling with Bruce welcomeback to my channel this is December the 19th 2017 and today is daily number 19and I&#39;m telling you folks I keep forgetting you know I could use thefingers of 19 times mile 19 dailies it&#39;s fantastic I want to welcome you all backif this is your first time you&#39;ve ever watched this channel 2 somehow someonefooled you into coming here somebody tricked you into coming here wellwelcome welcome to my channel I&#39;m Bruce Charlie with Bruce this is a channelwhere I have a bunch of playlists son travels that I&#39;ve doneplaces I&#39;ve been got a few other playlists on like so I know you like agood story or I&#39;ve got stories that people say I don&#39;t think that&#39;s true nothese are true stories you got to check them outI&#39;ve got about 95 96 videos up now and and people seem to enjoy them and I getany occasional comment I get a thumbs up if you like my videos give me a thumbsup if you hate my videos give me a thumbs up I need all the album get I&#39;m asmall guy we just passed 120 subscribers about120,000 120 subscribers we were at 70 subscribers a month ago I was justlooking at my statistics and I have added 50 odd subscribers in 30 days from70 to 120 this for us is viral I&#39;m going viral and views we just passed 25,000views for the channel and I thank you very much we&#39;re now exceeding 500 viewsa day again on the Casey neistat&#39;s scale it doesn&#39;t register but on thetravelling with Bruce scale this is big stuff so thanks for enjoying them I hopeyou&#39;re joining them nasty comments oh that&#39;s great and I&#39;lltry to keep improving today it is so dark outsidewith the snow coming down it&#39;s pretty to look at but when you&#39;re trying to filmyou know my this face when you&#39;re trying to film this you need all the help youcan get so I got lights on me all over the place to try to brighten up thisarea so I don&#39;t come off like I&#39;m in a cave it needs to be so much easier butit is just nothing today I wanted to talk to you folks about the cruisingbusiness the cruising industry we are nearing the end of 2017 and I thought Iwould tell you a few statistics and a few trends that are coming in the cruiseship business a lot of you out there who are subscribers of mine I know arefollowing me because I talk about crew shipping all the time but cruise shipholidays I&#39;ve got as your regulars know I have cruise videos out there about howyou can find a good deal on a cruise how you can find a deal on a repositioningcruise what is a repositioning cruise secrets on how to pack for a cruise howto get ready for a cruise I got all that stuff and more coming but today I wantedto talk to you about what you can expect to see going forward and I just foundsome information today about cruise ship deliveries and that type of thing one ofmy glasses here so I can read my notes first of all between 2015 16 17 we justfinished 17 new ships who are delivered to cruise ship companies and thatrepresented 41,000 more passengers being accommodated on cruise ships over theyear or two before that&#39;s a nine point one percent increase in capacity and itsmassive I mean if American Airlines were toincrease seat capacity by nine percent in one year it would make CNN I meanthis would be news like you wouldn&#39;t believe they&#39;d have four place ordersfor airport aircraft in the hundreds of billions of dollars it would just becrazy so nine point one percent increase in the cruise ship capacity just in thelast year year or two that represents on an annual basis over two millionpassengers being accommodate on cruises additional passengers for2017 the the stats are now coming in twenty five point eight milliontravelers who will have traveled on cruise ships in this past year that&#39;smore than two million a month going on a cruise or a half a million a week youthink about the logistics of this if you got a half a million people a week goingon a cruise that means you got a half a millionpeople a week getting off a cruise because in order to change from one tothe next you got to get them out of the room to get them back in the room and inbetween the time frame you got to clean the room so think of the laundry beingdone the bedding being arranged the towels being done half a million peoplea week out and a half a million people a week in on average in the current cruiseship environment worldwide it is truly phenomenal it is growing wonderfullyactually for 2018 the numbers now already with cruises booked they areestimating the the cruise ship industry and the Association they&#39;re estimatingtwenty seven point two million passengers that&#39;s another one and a halfmillion additional or about five percent more growth again in actual bookings ofpassengers it is a growing area and because of that more and more cruiseships are being delivered to Cruise Lines more and more cruise ships arebeing ordered by Cruise Lines and the numbers are are truly staggering for2018 this coming year twenty seven new ships will be delivered to cruise linesnow this is in this is a combination of ocean liners for like the carnival&#39;s ofthe world Hall in America Royal Caribbean Norwegian MSC and then thereare river cruise ships coming and that&#39;s a sector that&#39;s really exploding andthen there are specialty ships being delivered now I&#39;m hearing I&#39;ve seenPress reports and releases about cruise ships that can hold four to five hundredpeople only in five six star luxury out of my price range that will take you tothe Antarctic for for you know an expedition there you know the kind ofstuff we used to read about in history books that the explorers used to do nowit&#39;s becoming more reachable for those with the kind ofcash you need to book a cruise like this we&#39;re probably talking a thousand bucksa day two thousand dollars a day per cabin that type of thing very expensivebut they exotic and you got it you got it off for something for those who havethat kind of money I just wish I was one of those people between now and 10 yearsfrom now or nine years from now until 2026 ninety one cruise ships are onorder right now ninety one additional cruise ships are on orderworth fifty eight billion dollars the buildout and the money involved isstaggering 239 thousand additional beds which translates into an additional 11million passengers a year of capacity for the cruise lines now assuming thatall ships sailing today will still be sailing then which isn&#39;t true becausecertain ships will be retired but you just do simple math you add ten millionto the 27 million we have now projected in 2018 to go on a cruise 37 to 38million passengers are expected to be cruising within a decade this is howthis business is is tracking it is just phenomenal I also read today that a halfexcuse me half of all cruises that are being taken now are being taken bypeople who drive to the Seaport to get on the ship they don&#39;t they don&#39;t flyonly half the passengers actually come in other than in their car now in Europeprobably a number of them take rail by the North America the other way to go ifyou don&#39;t drive and you&#39;re probably flying in and that was I found aninteresting stat so I know that I personally took a cruise with my wifeout of New York City sorry out of a lot of Sanders near as well but in LosAngeles in particulars just think about this we left Los Angeles on a MexicanCruise and we had driven to the United States from Canada and we had taken atwo two and a half week trip overall and it included a oneweek cruise to Mexicoand back and I had researched it that it paid it just made sense to park therental car literally the rental car in the parking lot beside the cruiseship for the week and paying $115 to park the vehicle for a week was abargain it was security 24 hours a day security around it we got back a weeklater nothing no problem whatsoever with the vehicle little dusty on thewindshield obviously because it&#39;s sitting there for a week once you washthe windshield wipers off you were fine to go and we had our vehicle and thebeauty of this was that we were able to bring onboard awkward big suitcasesbecause we drove to the ship rather than flying on an airplane when you fly on anairplane you got those darn baggage fees and youhave those weight limitations which are getting smaller and smaller and smallerso you got to be careful with you know how many bags you take and how heavythey are with a rental car or a vehicle of your own you brake the big suitcasesand cruise ships don&#39;t charge you for a 70 pound suitcase versus a 40 poundsuitcase they may care but they don&#39;t say anything they just take in you&#39;regood to go so that&#39;s something to keep in mind ifyou you know down the road if you&#39;re thinking of a cruise and a littleextended holiday nothing wrong with flying to Orlando and then renting avehicle and driving down to Miami for a few days and then getting on a cruisefrom Miami park your car nearby may be a little cheaper than a hundred fifty in aweek if you can find it and your car is waiting for you when you when you getback but anyway that&#39;s another topic for another day new trends in cruising for2018 these are some of the new gimmicks that are being introduced this year tothe cruisers this one I think I&#39;m would look forward to this myself this iselectric gokart racing on the Norwegian bliss this is a new ship that Norwegianis bringing out it&#39;s biggie and they&#39;re gonna have a 1,000 foot long trackgocart track which is a dual story gocart track you get into the car onthe lower level in the shade and then you drive up a ramp to the upper leveland you&#39;re racing around this twisty windy course and then you come back downto the lower part race around one time and then come back to the pit area andyou change out of your car let the next person in electrically operated howeverthey&#39;ve got speakers in the in the gokartright by your ears that mimic the sound of an of a gas engine so you feel likeyou&#39;re racing a gokart with a motor whereas in reality it&#39;s just an electricmotor so from an environmental point of view it&#39;s clean you won&#39;t be surroundedby those fumes I hate those fumes of these twostrokeengines in a closed environment so you won&#39;t have that issue at all so thatsounds like a pretty cool thing we&#39;ll see how successful it is anothergimmick coming Royal Caribbean is introducing outdoor laser tag aftersunset certain ships on Royal Caribbean&#39;s line are going to be fittedout with the right kind of software WiFi systems whatever they need to dohere to allow certain areas of the upper levels of these ships to be designatedas laser tag zones in the evening hours and they&#39;re building out all kinds ofobstacle courses and sets and all kinds of neat tricks this should be a lot offun and you could sure see how Royal Caribbean is going after the familyadventures adventurous family market let&#39;s say thissounds like a pretty fun pretty round gig the first underwater lounge is goingto be debuted later this year on a Mediterranean line where patrons whowant a cool one will go below deck into a room a large room that will haveseveral windows looking out into the water under the waterline that are sortof a fisheye type windows they&#39;re super strong in other words and well I guessdim the lighting on the inside of the lounge and then probably have someoutside lighting to help you see even better depending on the sunshine andthat type of thing and I guess how close you are to a reef system in this sort ofarea it&#39;s gonna be a bit tricky for the cruise lines because you know you wantto show people fish you know underwater schools of fish going by you&#39;re gonnahave to be near reefs well reefs are kind of bad for ships they sort of tearthem apart and they you know leak water when they when that happens so you&#39;regonna have a bit of a delicate balancing act and going forward on this I don&#39;tknow how successful this ultimately be but a crewis giving it a try and they feel that they have the itinerary to make it worknow for those of you who either know someone that has done well and likes youyou know that&#39;s the secret they like you or you done well like you won thelottery you got an inheritance you know awindfall has come your way I got the deal for youa twostory suite is going to be available later this year on one of thenew ships I believe it&#39;s a Royal Caribbean I&#39;ll look into that a littlefurther forty thousand dollars a week you can rent this this suite and it canhold up to eight family members and here&#39;s what you get inside a $40,000 aweek fun suite for the family it&#39;s a twostory suite first of all it has aslide a tubetype slide from the second floor down to the to the living room ithas an air hockey game it has a Lego wall so you can play endless Lego withthis in this thing it&#39;s got a videogame corner I don&#39;t know what that quitemeans but it&#39;s got a videogame corner a popcorn machine of course I mean yougotta have a popcorn machine and as a private deck with its own whirlpool thatcan hold eight family members at a time so everybody can jump in and it comeswith a 24hour sevendayaweek Butler just to take care of those little thingsyou need taken care of like my drink is a little low my coffee&#39;s getting coldI&#39;m kind of hungry they&#39;ll take good care for 40 grand aweek you two can enjoy some of the luxuriesat sea starting later this year 2018 so you know there&#39;s something for everybodyas you folks know out there I delight in finding cruise deals and letting youknow about them and one of my hobbies is if I can find a cruise on a fivestartype of line highend cruise line for the price of a four or a three star linethat&#39;s oh that&#39;s a winner to me I I don&#39;t mind being the poorest guy in anice neighborhood I don&#39;t mind that it&#39;s okay by me because the staff on boarddoesn&#39;t know that I&#39;m the poor guy because I don&#39;t dress in ragsnecessarily and so you get treated like everybody else on board and if the staffthinks that you&#39;re paying you know 3,000 a week for a cruise and I got in therefor six hundred and twenty five dollars I&#39;m the winner I like this deal sothat&#39;s what I love to do and you regulars out there you know what I&#39;mtalking about anyway today that is my topic but what&#39;s been going on in thecruise line industry and what&#39;s coming up exciting changes excitingdevelopments so a lot of development going a lot of bill out going on and I&#39;msure when there are a lot of additional announcements as the year goes on fordeliveries in 2019 and beyond as well it&#39;s gonna be summerthis is an area of the cruise business that is is I don&#39;t want to say boomingbut it is growing this strongly and repeat cruisers are coming back firsttime cruises are discovering it Millennials are discovering cruisingthem they were starting to reach that age where ten years ago they went onlyold people go cruising and now they&#39;re sort of reaching that middleage areawhere my dad started cruising when they&#39;re in their 40s and I&#39;m kind of 38now maybe I should look at the millenniums are coming most interestingits poverty fall it&#39;s great anyway that&#39;s my video today thanks again forwatching if you liked the video give me a thumbs up if you really like what I&#39;mdoing please subscribe I&#39;m really excited about how the numbers are comingon for my subscribers keep common people promise to keep working hard to bringyou more videos as fast as I can as interesting as I can have a great daytoday this is Bruce with traveling with Bruce saying.</p>

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