AppianLIVE Expert Cut: Customer Contact Week and the Latest Call Center Trends

<p > Hi, I&#39;m Kamna and you&#39;rewatching AppianLIVE Expert Cut where we bring the expertsback into the office to discuss the eventsthat they&#39;ve been to, the trends they&#39;re seeing, and everything elseexecutives need to know.</p><p >(upbeat hiphop music) Today, I&#39;m here with our seniordirector of product strategy Arturo Oliver.</p><p > Thank you, Kamna.</p><p >I&#39;m glad to be here.</p><p > So welcome back.</p><p >Lastweek, you were in New Orleans for the Call Center Week CCW event.</p><p >What trends and topicswere being discussed? So, AI was a prevalent topic.</p><p >Artificial Intelligence andall the different things underneath machine learning, all the different cognitive services and how to leverage those tohelp agents be more productive.</p><p >And with that, really increasethe customer satisfaction.</p><p >The Appian channel capabilities, now, is all about not just voice, but really, chat, messenger, social media, used to be that all thecommunication was over the phone.</p><p >Now with millennials, they&#39;re preferring chat and social media as a preferred way of communicating, so having integrate all thesechannels of communication to provide that great customer experience.</p><p > [Kamna] So this wasa debut event for us, but we&#39;ve actually seengreat customer results in call center operations.</p><p >Can you talk to me alittle bit about that? Absolutely, Kamna.</p><p >So we, as I mentioned, weexperience great success so far with customers using Appianin their contact center, customer engagement center operations.</p><p >So we have one of the topinvestment banks in the world using us and not onlyusing us, but actually, they started a brand newbusiness line in retail banking.</p><p >It was the first one forthem and they started that.</p><p >They have limited time,and they leveraged Appian to really as a backbone oftheir contact center operations in a matter of a couple of months or so.</p><p >So we also have customers like Barclays, who is running the creditcard call center operations using Appian and reallywent from developing a lot of the functionality they needed that they used to take months.</p><p >Thanks to our lowcode platform now, we take days or a few weeks.</p><p >So that&#39;s, those aregreat customer stories.</p><p >And, you know, we havecustomers like Aviva in the U.</p><p >K.</p><p >that are now leveraging Appian with robotic process automation, and they are taking allthose repetitive tasks out of the customeragents, so they are happier and they can helpcustomers with other things and the customer satisfactionhas also increased.</p><p >Not only that, but theagents are now happier, and they are now, when they move out to otherareas, they are demanding that they have the samelevel of technology that they are using with Appian.</p><p >So everything is going great.</p><p > [Kamna] That&#39;s fantastic.</p><p >So going back to the event, how did Appian compare to someof the other vendors there? That&#39;s a great question, Kamna.</p><p >So we saw a lot of vendors that provided, for example, a desktopexperience to the agents, but that was kind of theexperience, outofthebox, that everybody, including the compatriots of whatevercustomer is using it will get.</p><p >Our proposition was different.</p><p >As a lowcode platform leader, and BPM, and dynamic case management leader, customers can reallydevise a custom solution with quantifying their best practices, really buildingcompetitive differentiators in the customer service,using our technology.</p><p >As opposed to just beingin a onecan approach of an outofthebox application.</p><p > [Kamna] And if you had to summarize CCW in 60 seconds or less, what was the main takeaway for attendees? Artifical Intelligence isa question everybody&#39;s asking and Appian&#39;s lowcode platform,together with our PA and AI, can help customers solve that question.</p><p > Awesome.</p><p >Well, thankyou for your time today.</p><p >This is AppianLIVE ExpertCut.</p><p >Thanks for watching.</p><p > Thank you, Kamna.</p><p >(upbeat hiphop music).</p>

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