Fashion Trends for the Future!

With the change of the season brings withit the time to revamp your wardrobe, and this Spring we want you to be in the knowof what's hot on the fashion scene.

Feel free to take picturesbecause we're walking through the Museum of Future Trends.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> Ladies, ladies, designers have been hard at work,creating new trends for the Spring, andthey've finally hit the streets.

Lucky for you we've acquired quitea few items that my associates and I will walk you through.

Check out this first look,our supervising producer, Jill, is wearingthe asymmetrical neckline trend.

You're gonna see this everywhere, from thered carpets to the beaches You wouldn't think so but showing off the collarboneis uber sexy without doing too much.

Her forest green, single sleeve,velour top is actually a body suit, so it will stay perfectly taut at all times.

We paired it with straight leg jeansthat are ripped at the knee, and frayed at the ankles for a cropped look.

You can pick up her asymmetricalbodysuit from Revolve for $172, and if you look closely, some say youcan actually see the manikin move.

[APPLAUSE]>> Good.

>> Ow, sexy.

>> Okay.

>> I love it.

>> [SOUND] Now pay attentionto this work of art.

I want you all to feast your eyes onthis sunglass moment happening here.

Ariana, our Junior publicist iswearing the X-Girl Sunglass trend.

Now this is a bit of a throwback foranyone that grew up in the 90s.

The razor edge's pink tint andgold give her such a futuristic feel, and these glasses say you mean business.

And these glasses can be wornwith literally anything.

We wanted them to stand out, sowe put her in darker colors for the rest of her outfit.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> Hey.

>> We picked up her glassesfrom Le Specs for $119.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> Lastly, is one of my favorite insulations.

Eden, our digital coordinator'slook was inspired by your mother's rubber dish washing gloves.

Check out the sheet twist puton this synthetic rubber trend.

This is a bold look that youhave to wear with confidence.

So if you're looking tomake a statement and have all the eyes in the room on you,rubber is the way to go.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> This rubber two piece top fits her like a glove, and the ruffled bottom of hertop adds the perfect touch of femininity.

>> Oww.

>> If you wanna hop on the rubber trend, we pick the top andbottom up from ASOS for $31.


>> I like that price, hot.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> All right, people, let's take onelast look into the future.

>> Yes.

>> [APPLAUSE]>> They look lovely, don't they? >> [APPLAUSE]Amazing.

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