Justin Bieber spots pimples – new fashion trend?

hello peeps it's me Michael from men'sfinest and today I want to briefly tell you in this 1 minute video what do Ithink about this new Justin Bieber and pimple story you probably heard in thenews that Justin Bieber came out recently and said that pimples are okayand I thought I'll give you my two cents about it because I think it's extremelyimportant for people like him for people with gazillion followers or Instagram orFacebook or YouTube to actually come out and say that natural things are okay tohave so if you have got acne or have got pimples they've got other things goingon with you as a teenager it's super important in my opinion to actually hearfrom guys like Justin Bieber that it's actually okay because people look up tohim you know rightly or wrongly but it's it's something that we should payattention to as a stylist as people who have got a voice in this communityabsolutely fine for you to sort of have that to battle that to sort of strugglewith that but of course making sure that you are ok with yourself is superimportant so Justin Bieber and the likes thank you so much for that let me knowwhat do you think in the comments below about this Justin Bieber pimple storyand l'amore I'll be back tomorrow with some more news from fashion worldciao.

Source: Youtube