Latest Spring Trends: Women’s Fashion and Beauty Tips | Sephora Inside JCPenney

Stripes are huge for spring 18.

And one of the things thatwe really wanted to showcase was the idea of stripesmixed back to each other.

So the idea that you can wear astriped trouser back to a striped top seem super fresh.

2018 is all about textured hair.

It's like sculpting the hair intoshape, taking individual curls, and snipping so the hair falls perfectlyinto place each and every time.

And the it length is shoulder length.

One of the trends thatwe're seeing for spring 2018 is this beautiful ethereal makeup.

It's like a touch ofmagic, but not overdone.

You can start really lightwith your application, which makes it really appropriatefor daytime, and then you can just bump it up for nighttime.

So keeping it simple really allows youto keep that youthful feel at any age.


Source: Youtube