SPRING FASHION TRENDS 2018 FOR WOMEN OVER 40 | How to style everyday outfits with Pink Lookbook

Hi guys! We're back again with some quick and easy fashion ideas for you.

Since springtime is a great time to add some color into your outfits.

We thought we'd show you how to add a pop of one of my favorite colors.

Pink! Now don't worry if you're not into pastels or bubblegum shades You don't have to look like you've doused yourself in Pepto or invaded your daughter's closet in order to rock this trend.

Nope we're going to show you some easy ways to incorporate pink through tops, bottoms, shoes, accessories.

Anything that you like just to add a pop of springtime to your look.

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And comment down below and let us know if there is a particular pop of color you'd like us to make a video about.

Source: Youtube