Hi guys! Welcome back to my channel.

If you are new, my name is Amy.

I'm super excited to finally talk about the Spring Trends! I know.

I'm super behind because things have already come out of Fall 2018 But if we are entering Spring then it is the perfect time to talk about spring and summer fashion.

I love choosing trends that have some importance plus things that are only a simple fashion of the moment because there are hundreds of trends that appear every season but these are personally my favorites and those who came to stay then yes they will last you if the tests and you do not have to use them only once and they will last all year and maybe even until next year I will also talk about some trends that I mentioned already in my Autumn and Winter trends video.

Because they are still very effective and that is what I mean, they will last you all year.

Really, get comfortable because I will be BLA BLA BLA for a while So.

it could be a long video but well, I do not know.

I hope you enjoy! Let's start at once with the first trend It is one of my favorites It's about dressing super elegant.

Any excuse to dress well fascinates me! We saw a lot of shine, a lot of glamor, a lot of feathers many ornaments.

many sensual fabrics fabrics with a lot of shine.

satin, silk.

And so many fringes, guys.

Fringes everywhere! In dresses, in shirts, in pants.

Literally in everything And I had already mentioned this in my autumn and winter trends.

When there is uncertainty you put the best of yourself, then it's time to really dress smartly it's a mixture of that and also, I feel.

that as we've seen both athletic, athletic.


urban clothes.

for so many seasons then you get to a point in the.

graph of the trend.

then it's up here and it's going to start going down and down and it's going to turn 180 degrees and that's where they're going to be introduced This is, I think, the first season.

We saw a little bit of the tendency to dress super elegant in autumn and winter, but it was more with blazers and suits and that's where I mentioned the tendency to dress super elegant but now it's more festive because usually this is seen during Christmas New Year, and at this time it is for Spring Summer then this trend will definitely continue some designers who showed this were Saint Laurent, OMG! Saint Laurent really took the trend to the chest with the feathers Also Rodarte.



My God, of course Gucci.


Oscar de la Renta.

Literally ALL designers somehow used the brightness, the flights, the feathers Marc Jacobs.


Christian Dior Alberta Ferreti.

Michael Kors.


Everyone And to take advantage of the issue of flights that is quite "West".

Some designs had a very West vibe The American-style western style is still quite a trend And talk about that in my Winter Trends video, so you can take a look if they have not done it but the trend prevails this year.

as I predicted.

This is how I put together a look with this trend and, as it is Spring / Summer I think this pant is perfect for partying a thank you greeting to Lulu's for sending me this and some other clothes that you will see in the video I love the golden sequins on black and also the bat sleeves gives me Disco type vibes but modern I combined it with some black ankle boots to make it more casual but you could also combine it with more daring heels to really show off.

I'm obsessed with this next outfit because I love looks like west the protagonists of this trend are flights, as I mentioned, then this definitely hits the Cape also notice that the top has a little bit of shine, so it looks more like wearing and the metal skirt also has a shine, of course, what is, again, the focal point of the trend I love that I can put these separate pieces and also take them formality with some tennis or give it elegance with some tacos, as I did in this case.

I love versatility.

For this look I combined this vintage Ives Saint Laurent blazer with an Aritzia metallic skirt and these studs with feathers.

As I mentioned, feathers are in all I thought it would be more usable incorporate them into my accessories then I went for the tacos I've always loved how these shoes look and these are also from Lulu's.

You can see that the Blazer is from the 80s by shoulder pads.

I'm going to send it to adjust because I feel like I'm a little big but I'm excited to put looks with her.

I love the buttons that look like giant diamonds on the front and on the sleeves I feel that this outfit fits well with this trend that I mentioned in this video but also but also the tendency to elevate the look with a blazer, which I mentioned in my Fall Trends video, then I thought it would be cool to show you that can also Give more formality to the look in a more festive situation We will continue with the next trend I'm talking about the flyers Did I tell you what the first trend was? was "Appearing and showing off" Ok? I'm going to call her "By flights" and it's the idea of ​​balloon sleeves.

Very much volume These sleeves are huge.

And again, thanks Saint Laurent for this trend.

You really saw the whole volume issue There are many details of arruchado in tops, in dresses like all bulky and exaggerated pucker We've already seen a lot of these flights and gathers but they got even more exaggerated and to the next level so we still see them.

It's something ultra-feminine Some designers who showed this trend were As I mentioned, my beloved Saint Laurent, Stella McCartney.

Off / White we saw it a lot in Gucci Carolina Herrera.

Isabel Marant then, definitely all these designers influence a lot and many of these designers they are imitated by fast-fashion companies like H and M and Zara, then I think we'll be seeing much of this trend but is that they have already been seeing For this trend I have been loving the balloon type for quite some time, in fact.

I love this top in the Fall and Winter so I'm happy to include it in my Spring wardrobe I combined it with these paper bag type dress pants, which are also super fashion and they also add volume.

And with these summer accessories like brown sandals and the basket type bag, it's much more Resort, much more seasonal It's a way to make the transition from your wardrobe too.

I always say that accessories can really transform your look.

For the next outfit I combined a blouse with flights and domed sleeves in fact it's Dolce and Gabbana and Levi's shorts are vintage this is probably my favorite outfit of the video of course these outfits are just my style then I just want to encourage them to have fun and mix things.

just use it as a very basic inspiration especially because some of the pieces are second-hand then I can not put them in the description box or anything but I really want to encourage them to have fun and mix everything in a way that really works for you and shows your personal style If you feel that you really do not know your personal style, I will have in the description the video where I help you discover it It's okay My next trend is powder tones or cakes Think something pastel.

think inspiration My Little Pony.

Of course we always see pastel colors in Spring, it's a classic it's like "The devil wears fashion" "Floral prints for spring? What an original".

pastel colors for spring it's nothing new at all.

But what we saw more particularly was the lilac.

The lilac, or lavender and I know there's a difference between them.

I think the lilac It has a pinker hue while lavender is more truly purple, pastel purple.

The purple is in fact the Pantone color of the year every year Pantone brings out the color of the year and the designers really try to incorporate it.

I do not know.

they just do it.

But it's Purple Ultraviolet then it is a very bright and vibrant purple What they say color communicates is originality ingenuity and innovation for the future.

Maybe we are going to see the purple emerge with more force in the Fall and Winter of this year then for Spring / Summer it's about the introduction of lilac and lavender still staying in the family of the purple tones of course but I feel that it is also and it's just my opinion, the Millennial pink He was also super strong in the summer.

Pantone too had for color of the year, from 2016 I think, the pink quartz At least I think it was in 2016 Pink quartz and Serenity that was like a cake.

well I'm going on the tangent I am sorry! So I think this lilac It is a new version of of the Rosado Millennial because I think the Rosado Millennial simply has been at the top for so long that it's like the graph of the trend and it is at its top so maybe they are trying to introduce something new and fresh I feel that the millennial pink has like this power to stay that I do not think I have the lilac to compete.

But hey, we saw a lot of this lilac / lavender / cakes on the catwalks, and put them together, either in monochromatic looks or just soft yellow with lilac it was simply a dream of pastel colors And honestly it's my favorite color palette then I also love this trend.

And the designers that I saw incorporate this color in their collections were Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Diane Lee, Chanel Max Mara, TB, we really saw this color appear a lot.

Honestly, I have half Post Traumatic Stress due to an overdose of color Lavender when I was a child.

It was my color favorite but I love a lot the pastel colors together so I want to show you this outfit.

Couple this vegan leather skirt lilac color of Lulu's with this blue shirt with medium wave of the west It has bulging sleeves that I love.

As I said, you do not have to join all the trends if it does not fit with you then I do not think I use this much but I do like the color scheme.

Moving to the next trend, I'm going to call this "Haute planet", like "Hot planet".

Do you understand? Should I be a fashion editor? Haha, I'm just kidding.

I find it terrible to invent these names.

As we know Global warming is very real.

I dont know how can someone deny it.

I do not fit in the head, but global warming it is real.

And this trend, I think, is going to be incredibly important.

We are going to start hearing a lot more about sustainable production.

I hate calling these things "trends" because These are important matters.

But that's the fashion industry, I'm sorry.

As I always mention in these trends videos, fashion is 100% a reflection of what is happening in the world that's why you see common themes in all collections and you're like that why all Are they the same? So, many of the themes They are the same.

I'm having a good time get to the trend, sorry.

Let's get to the point.

So what we are seeing a lot are textures like vinyl and plastic and I feel that the plastic is related, or at least I relate it with landfills that are full of plastic.

If you see Chanel's catwalk.

I'd recommend seeing it, I'll have the link of the video in the description box so you can see it here on Youtube.

then the scenario as such, the environment in the Chanel show it was outdoors a very natural environment And the clothes were things like plastic boots and plastic raincoats.

which are in fact transparent then that reminded me of landfills because in fact the plastic It is one of the worst things for our environment and it's polluting the planet because it takes decades, literally 1000 years for the plastic to decompose in a landfill.

The plastic is being made faster than ever then is already causing a lot of damage to our planet and, I do not know, with Chanel I really remembered that.

And the designers that they used these bright textures were Chanel, as I mentioned, Balmain, Ellery, Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs also and in the trend there is also a lot of use of layers with an aesthetic type "do it yourself" and secondhand.

"Copy and paste".

Divisions type, one color on one side and another color on the other as if you had done it yourself but it's Calvin Klein.

We saw a lot of that and I think it also has to do with.

I do not know, I can only imagine a landfill and just like that, grab things and put them together to use what you have.

I think that is the essence of this trend.

armed type again but at the same time disarmed.

That's the situation we're seeing on the catwalks.

We saw it in Miu Miu, Marnie, Gucci, Loewe, Celine, Calvin Klein, Jason Wu, Dianne Lee.

This is everywhere.

This is a trend that You can do your own, and I love it.

You can go to thrift stores, and have fun and get creative.

And in fact it will be sustainable.

Well, this is a sweater that I got second-hand and it has the theme of the one I was talking about.

I combined it with a patent skirt and these patent boots to give it the bright look I mentioned.

You could make the sweater yourself, or do it with a jacket, like Calvin Klein's reference.

Or with a shirt, I swear it's super easy.

Also, this bag has been the one that I do not take off lately.

It's from Angelo Roi.

They make vegan premium bags.

They are made in factories with fair working conditions and with very, very good price.

They have so many cute designs then definitely check them out, I'm obsessed.

The asymmetrical sewing lines are also key in this trend.

I love this top because it also has flights, I love them.

I combined it with this Re / Done skirt, which I love.

What Re / Done does is rebuild with denim, then they grab the jean fabric and reuse it to make shapes that fit better and cooler in general.

I love this skirt, literally I wear it too and I love the worn out, which is very much of this trend.

Following with the next trend, I'll call it "On the road" and it's as nature with psychedelic wave.

and as a futurist.

Like a rave of the 90s basically Very much like.


as "a trip".

that's why I called it that.

But also, as I said, nature and the environment is going to be a very big topic of conversation, and it's going to be nature combined with the future.

I do not know if you have noticed, but everything is Virtual reality with these lenses and so on, then it's going to be that but is going to transport us to nature.

I'm crazy?? So instead of experiencing it, because maybe not everyone can escape a jungle or, I do not know, the mountains or something, let's Go on a trip virtually, then that has translated quite well into this trend, as for the raves of the 90s because the rave wave is a bit futuristic too, then we are half trippy texts.

many rainbows.

I already mentioned that red it was the color of the season for Autumn / Winter, then for this trend it is more like all colors, and monochromatic, but also contrasting colors, like fuchsia and red, yellow and purple.

Very, very vibrant tones on all the catwalks.

I think we're seeing a lot of the impact we have in our environment, but we are also realizing the natural powers that nature has, that are very healing.

And that is reflecting in fashion with palm trees, and palm leaves, and cayenas.

In this particular trend it was more about tropical flowers.

Some designers who showed this "travel" trend were Isabel Marant, Emilio Pucci, Dior, Mary Katrantzou.

I hope to be saying that name well.

I'm probably destroying it.

Marc Jacobs, Fendi.

Well, I think we're going to see this trend emerge more when summer comes, Not so much in Spring.

But I love it These Lulu's pants, I just need to get hold of them roll.

Combine these tropical kids with this pink shirt that says "Trippy tacos" in a text like the 70s that I mentioned.

And I have put these tendrils so much during the video.

I'm obsessed and literally they go with everything.

Are from Baubblebar.

If you do not like neon and bright things, I think this is a perfect summer outfit.

It has the beautiful tropical flowers that I was talking about, again the basket type bag that I have been using.

And if the floral is not your style, this is Outfit with Color Blocking.

As I said, in This trend is the color, and these pants are also very in trend with the bright texture, As I mentioned before, haha.

Excuse me if I'm repeating myself but.

I love this hairy bag, it reminds me to the furry boots worn by people going to raves.

And I closed the look with these red tendrils.

And well, those are my 5 trends.

The most important and those that have been charming me.

Thank you very much for staying until the end, you know that I love hit me to talk, especially about the reasons why these trends arise, that is very interesting But hey, really thank you very much for staying until the end, this video was long.

Let's talk, Maybe something that I forgot.

Tell me what you think of these trends and which ones will incorporate to your wardrobe this Spring / Summer.

I hope you have an amazing day and see you in my next video.


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