Pep Canadell (CSIRO): ‘Global Warming and long-term climate trends’

On Saturday 20 August 2011, CSIRO Discovery Centre in association with the Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (AMOS) presented a full-day workshop A WARMING EARTH – WHAT THE COST OF DOING NOTHING?

The workshop was held to address some of the misconceptions around climate change science in the Australian media and in the climate change public debate.

Dr Pep Canadell is a carbon modeller for CSIRO’s Marine and Atmospheric Research Division (CMAR) working from Canberra’s Black Mountain laboratory. Dr Canadell has been a long-time contributor to the Global Carbon Project.

In this talk, he sets the scene for climate change science as it currently stands (August 2011).

The symposium is hosted by Thomas McCoy.

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