Does Memory Influence Design?

Exploring how designers use memory when interacting with design and what areas of memory are most influential.

Key trends are now a common part of design culture inspiring designers and creatives. I want to find out how a trend gets created and developed through the creative design process and cultural memory to become a key trend. The way in which key trends are originally composed will always be controversial, but from my research I’ve drawn a conclusion that most key trends are influenced or even started by memory. The three areas I would break this down into are personal memory, cultural memory and designers’ influences. These three form a cycle that loops and constantly grows a design into a trend.

Memory plays a crucial role in coercing and influencing your creative thought process; I think that key trends are started by a unique personal memory from an individual that gets interpreted into a design, maybe by a company or a sole designer. The type of memory I believe that is most influential is an episodic memory or a flashbulb memory. Both of these types of memory are normally very visual and I believe that is key to creating trends or unique design, because key trends are initially started by unique design. This is where the “new” comes into design.

Created By Oliver David Lister.

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