Trends in Gaming: Rethinking Mobile

From the 8th Annual Games for Change Festival

This is a high-speed provocation. Claim #1: the mobile activism space is hot, but they don’t know games (or learning). Claim #2: our mobile games are overlooking civic history. Luckily, we might have a solution. To make the case, we will profile five mobile projects you should know about (including ARIS, CommunityPlanIt, and ReActivism). Then we will pitch three “historic civic verbs” that the field should start using — to evaluate mobile, to design games, and even for fundraising. We’ll finish with a response from our sister community, MobileActive, and its founder Katrin Verclas. (Note that this session emerges from a national workshop of the MacArthur Foundation-supported Digital Media and Learning Hub.)

Anne-Ryan Heatwole,
Benjamin Stokes Co-Founder of Games For Change and PhD Student at USC Annenberg

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