VIVIDA were asked by fashion trend setter exhibition SPIN EXPO SHANGHAI to create an immersive, surreal and abstract video to be played on massive screens. The crazy part was that it had to be produced by the end of the next day! The solution: pull the team together and work through the night.

The video was shot in 4K using a Canon 1DC (except for 1 scene created in 1080p). We worked with the 100mm Macro to enable us to shoot the extreme close-ups. Each scene had to be influenced by a trend from the upcoming Spring/ Summer colours. This experience needed to be both audio and visual. One theme provided by Spin Expo and trend setter Sophie Steller was the ‘Glitch’.

4K (very compressed) Youtube link: http://youtu.be/ONdDp1BSD-w

If you like your fashion, you can use this video to see what colours are going to be on trend this summer. How cool is that!

A special thanks to team members Marta & Kornel.

Enjoy a little craziness!

Simeon @ VIVIDA

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