Warsaw new trends – Silent Party Flash Mob

This is a short vid shot, written and directed by me with skilled editing. Interested what’s new, interesting or just worth to see in Europe? Join me on Europe Max in HD – That’s a right place to be. This one is about oryginal flash mob.

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Trend Tweezers Stainless Steel G3 LED Lighted Precision Tweezers White” with Swarovski Crystal + Designer Storage Case with Mirror + Replacement Light Battery Inbox X

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Adorned with Swarovski Crystal on limited selection. This unique and amazing tweezer comes in a specially designed elegant case with a magnifying mirror for a more efficient and easy use. Ultra precise and perfectly aligned LED lighted tweezer lights up to where you tweeze. Manufactured with precision, our tweezers will remove the tiniest hairs without effort. Our stainless steel tweezers are hand filed with perfectly aligned tips to create and maintain beautiful eyebrows. High grade stainless steel construction prevents rusting. Our 3rd Generation LED lighted tweezer is equipped with a bright LED light that provides a clear view for exceptionally accurate tweezing. Trend Tweezers strives to achieve top quality products and is in compliance with all standards of CE. A beauty essential for life! Once you use this magical must-have tweezer, you won’t settle for anything less.Includes:
1. One Trend Tweezer with LED Light and Swarovski Crystal.
2. One Designer Storage Case with Mirror.
3. One Replacement LED Light Battery.
4. Aviva Eco Nail File.
THE TREND TWEEZER ADVANTAGE What Makes Trend Tweezers LED Lighted Tweezers a Must-Have? 
* Superior quality stainless steel. 
* Shape will not be altered. 
* Our tweezers are manufactured with symmetry and precision. 
* Lightweight and very easy to maneuver. 
* G3 LED light mechanism technology. 
* Lights directly to the eyebrow without blinding the eyes. 
* Powered with ONE simple battery. 

BOEN Interior Design & Lifestyle Trends – PAUSE

PAUSE talks about taking a deep breath. It’s a story that comes from our instinctive need to express ourselves in a world that is, at times, lost in a rush.

Trend expert Gudy Herder (http://www.eclectictrends.com) and product manager Andreas Tippel (http://www.boen.com) are explaining this trend and matching floors created by BOEN.

PAUSE is a lifestyle trend which inspired BOEN for a new product line (Oak Mild Grey, Oak Warm Cotton, Oak Horizon). This parquets come with BOEN’s Live Pure which offers maximum protection of the wood while at the same time appearing most natural. Live Pure has an extremely low gloss level, combined with a smooth brushing. The colours are highly pigmented in warm beige-grey-tones, not concealing the beauty of the Oak.

You may watch BOEN’s related trend videos too: “ESSENTIAL” and “DRAMA IS THE NEW BLACK”

Filmed with BMD URSA Mini, Samyang XEEN EF 24mm T/1.5, Samyang XEEN EF 85mm T/1.5 in Barcelona (Spain) and Mölln (Germany).

Fotos: Iam Alchemy, Charlotte Kingsnorth, StudioInk, FLEXA®, Andreea Mandrescu, Ben and Aja Blanc, Moroso®, Nanna Kiil, Christopher Langen, BOEN®
Music: „My Peaceful Games“ from James Forest, „Life“ from Kevin Graham, „Shooting Stars“ from James Forest.
Video: © 2017 BOEN

Video production from bureauofstories.com.

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