WEBINAR: Real-time trends in solar PV installation deficiencies

Real-time trends in solar PV installation deficiencies are becoming an important aspect of the industry. In this webinar, Christopher Doyle and Rudolph Saporite, both with the Institute for Building Technology and Safety (IBTS), shared quality assurance data collected by IBTS national field inspection services, and revealed real-time trends in solar PV installation deficiencies so trainers can emphasize these areas in future training. The webinar focused on the data analysis of approximately 2,000 nationwide, inspected systems in the past year.

IBTS provides Solar PV QA inspections for many of the largest residential solar financing firms in the U.S. IBTS works with each of these providers to develop and provide quality assurance programs through onsite field inspections of installed solar PV systems. These inspections consist of a post-installation inspection for code compliance, best practices and quality of installation, along with a shade analysis report. IBTS currently performs approximately 250 inspections per month, with 25 technical field inspectors in over 15 states.

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