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This was my first ever entry in a video contest. This video won the 6th place and the People’s Choice among 39 entries in Davao in a Minute Video Contest.

“Trending: Davao”…sounds great! Optimistically, Davao can be one of the viral topics in social media someday.

Social media, unlike traditional media channels, represent a unique way of transmitting information in all directions. Social Media and Tourism are all about connections between people. Thus, social media has a great impact on tourism marketing.

An excellent example of social media is Twitter. It has been said that Twitter is an effective internet marketing tool. It’s one of the most used social media network that has millions of followers and users daily. People use ‘hashtag’ symbol # before relevant keywords in their Tweet (e.g. #LifeisHere). The word is now a link to search results that people can read discussion about the topic. A mention (e.g. @Davao) functions similar to hashtag except that it tags a user name. When these keywords become very popular they turn as Trending Topics.

Philippines has been tagged as “The Social Networking Capital of the World”. No doubt that soon Davao will create an immense buzz globally online since it’s one of the most populous city in the country. Davaoeños themselves must be the first promoters of their beloved city as it is simulated in the video. Twitter users, who are tweeting about Davao’s tagline, are in varied colors depicting unity amidst diversity. A Twitter topic doesn’t trend when only few talks about it; it needs a joint effort among bunch of people tweeting about the topic at the same time. Davaoeños should be one in selling Davao, hence, it would possibly get the social media’s attention and attract more tourists and investors not just nationwide but worldwide.

Sooner, Davao will make noise louder than a twitter as its king, the Philippine eagle, calls for hope.

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