Wella ITVA 2011: Trend Shows Montage

3 spectacular architectural transformations of the catwalk as an Introduction to the Catwalk shows at Wella’s 2011 ITVA Awards at Halle Freissenet in Paris.

Video design direction by Nina Dunn, Choreograpjhy by Kim Gavin.

Creative Director Nina Dunn and Producer Jon Brigden led a creative team of six to produce a spectacle of multi-dimensional projection integrated with live action and spatial surround sound to introduce Wella’s four new trends for 2011 at the ITVA (International Trend Vision Awards) held at Halle Freyssinet in Paris in November 2010. The show continued with the Young Talent and Colour competitions, for which the Knifedge team provided audio-reactive visuals to introduce the competitions and bold flag sequences for the competing countries.

“A HUGE thank you to all the team for pulling off what my MD and many others thought was the best integration of gfx, sound, performance and stage they’ve ever seen. I still found myself still blown away when watching the show go out from my position catwalk-side.”

Adam Doherty – Film & video producer
Jack Morton Worldwide

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