Teaser for the exhibition This Is Now

Oh Yeah Studio have invited 15 of the worlds leading designers, illustrators and motion artists that have a great impact on todays visual language, exhibiting unique work in poster art and motion graphics. The exhibition is named “THIS IS NOW” to indicate the relevance they represent in our current time. All 15 are experts in their respective creative fields, and have left a deep impact in the industry’s recent years. These leading creators have staked out the future directions and trends and their work is described as iconic.

Client: Oh Yeah Studio
Director: Kim Holm
Design, illustration, art direction: Oh Yeah Studio & Toxic
Animation: Kim Holm, Lars Hauge Hoel, Frode Ekeberg, Christian Ruud, Sigurd Kristiansen
Music: Neil Pollard & William Kingswood (Universal Publishing Production Music / Atmosphere Music Ltd)
Producer: Johanne Lund

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