SANS Webcast | 2017 Cybersecurity Trends: Aiming Ahead of the Target to Increase Security

Attackers are always changing their methods, but some cybersecurity trends are clear and identifying these trends will help security professionals plan for addressing these issues in the coming year.

Attacks will continue, and many will be successful. While security professionals should try to prevent a breach, it’s far more critical to uncover breaches quickly and mitigate damage.

Another significant trend for 2017: expanding current security measures to better protect data in the cloud and to address the security shortcomings of the Internet of Things.

Even while fighting daily security fires, security managers can expect boards of directors to show more interest in their efforts. Board members are keenly aware that breaches can be high-profile catastrophes for companies, and they are also concerned that the organizations they oversee are in compliance with new and more stringent regulations.

This webcast covers the latest and best security hygiene and common success patterns that will best keep your organization off the Worst Breaches of 2017 lists.

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