Decollette Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pads 2 Pack | Prevents Sun Wrinkles, Skin Aging, and Chest Marks | 100% Silicone Grade Allergen-Free Anti Aging Decollete Chest Pad

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As we age, it can be hard to keep our skin looking and feeling young, nourished, and refreshed. Our chests are subject to wrinkle lines from sleep, stress, and sun exposure, quickly revealing our age to those near and far.
That’s why we’ve created a reusable 100% silicone grade anti-wrinkle chest pad set, equipped with 2 pads, for sustainable chest skin correction and enhancement!
Using collagen enhancing engineering and improved blood flow technology through an electro design, our 2-set chest pads flatten out marks, wrinkles, and scars for a moisturized and healthier looking appearance.

Allergy Free: Using silicone, these hypoallergenic pads can be used on any type of skin types
Durability: Long-lasting and reusable, use these chest pads as many times as you want in a 30-60 day period for effective results
Discreet Design: Use the pads at night or hide them under your clothes due to their discreet design
Electro Static Energy: The pads improve irregular collagen structure while increasing enhanced blood flow under the skin for rejuvenation
Performance Guaranteed: Notice a difference in your skin after just a few applications

1. Remove pad from box, cut open poly bag – do NOT discard
2. Apply pad to the desired area of the chest
3. Make sure chest area is thoroughly cleaned and free of moisturizers, sunscreens, etc.
4. Remove pad slowly after use in an upwards motion
5. Place back into poly bag
6. Pads should be washed occasionally to remove skin cell build up with antibacterial soap.

Do not use on sensitive or irritated skin. The pads lose their adhesiveness in 30-60 days, so only open one at a time.
Start your chest skin rejuvenation with Decollette Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pads!✔ INSTANTLY CORRECT AND PREVENT CHEST WRINKLES: Our 100% medical grade anti-wrinkle chest pad prevents developing wrinkles, scars, and fine lines, while also correcting existing lines, caused by side sleeping, sun damage, and aging.
✔ SMOOTHER, YOUNGER LOOKING SKIN: Experience the benefits of our comfortable silicone decollete anti-wrinkle chest pads, by gently placing on your skin while you sleep or discreetly under clothing during the day.
✔ LONG-LASTING, REUSABLE 100% SILICONE: Our 2-pack set of chest pads are reusable and long-lasting. Use them consecutively to ensure the best results that remove unwanted chest wrinkles.
✔ 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: If you aren’t satisfied with our Decollette Anti-Wrinkle Chest Pad, we promise a 30-day money-back guarantee. We are so confident in the performance of our dermatologist tested product that we have no problem offering a 100% money back guarantee.