Think Ahead with ACCA, Episode 6: Indirect Taxes – Current Trends across South Asia and the UAE

Arif Masud Mirza, ACCA’s Head of Policy for MENASA sits with Chas Roy Chowdhury, ACCA’s Head of Taxation, to deliberate on the recently published report on indirect taxes in South Asia and the UAE. This report ‘Indirect taxes-current trends across South Asia and UAE’ is an attempt to document administrative practices and determine trends across the region so that valuable conclusions regarding VAT implementation can be drawn. Each region has different challenges and it is important to understand that indirect taxes are here to stay and the universal inherent principles of a good tax system are transparency, accountability and simplicity. In order to promote an effective tax system, the use and adoption of technology is key – this change takes time, therefore it is advisable that governments across the MESA region use it effectively.

The report Indirect Taxes – Current Trends across south Asia and the UAE highlights 11 recommendations including deploying professionals, incentivising taxpayers, improving the appeals process and modernising state institutions.

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