“Trends and Directions in Distributed Knowledge” Dr. Elias M. Awad (ICORES 2013)

Keynote Title: Trends and Directions in Distributed Knowledge

Keynote Lecturer: Dr. Elias M. Awad

Keynote Chair: Dr. Domingos Moreira Cardoso

Presented on: 17-02-2013
Abstract: The core of success in today’s global commerce is knowledge centricity affecting individuals, organizations, government, and industries alike. With explicit knowledge tucked away in knowledge bases, a key trend in knowledge transfer (KT) is intrinsic knowledge intensification against cultural, structural, and cognitive barriers. KT facilitates knowledge exchange via teamwork based on mutual trust, tested integrity, and a shared vision in a knowledge-centric environment.
Networking, per se, facilitates KT but cannot guarantee implementation or integration. As a result, behavioralists such as knowledge brokers with technology background are slowly being employed to assure connectivity, promote collaboration, instill confidence, enhance communication, and enrich decision-making. It is a daunting challenge that will take time and experience for KT to take hold.
In the final analysis, KT imperatives must address time management (“when” of KT), HRM (“who” of KT), security management (“why” of KT), task management (“what” knowledge should be transferred), and network management (“how” knowledge should be transferred). It is an endeavor requiring intelligence, foresight, and leadership in an increasingly complex world.
Presented at the following Conference: ICORES, International Conference on Operations Research and Enterprise Systems

February, 2013
Barcelona, Spain
Conference Website: www.icores.org

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