Impact of Climate Trends and Weather Extremes on Outdoor Thermal Comfort in European Cities

The objectives of this interdisciplinary and transnational research project are to:

Study the potential impact of climate trends and extreme weather events (heat waves and cold spells) on outdoor thermal comfort in urban areas across Europe.

– Produce quantitative information on spatial and temporal variation of outdoor thermal comfort in urban areas focusing on the significance of land use (green areas, water, imperious surfaces etc), urban morphology (street with and orientation, building heights) and street trees (type of vegetation, location and density)

– Develop a set of design guidelines and policies on how to maintain health and well-being, optimise use of urban open space and decreased energy use under changed climate conditions and extreme weather events for European cities.

The city of Göteborg in Sweden, Frankfurt in Germany and Porto in Portugal, representing a northern, a mid and a southern European city will be selected for case studies. Within each city different typical urban neighborhoods will be analyzed in more detail, i.e. a dense (city centre), open-set area and a residential area.


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