NEW STATUS by Maj-Britt La Cour
Produced for THE CURRENT

“New Status” is directed by Danish director Maj-Britt La Cour, and centres around the phenomenon of Social Media Addiction, a syndrome on the rise all over the world.

“My intention is to question the constant accessibility our smartphones provide and what it does to the way we communicate these days. It comes to a point where people are more focused on sharing with the world what a great time they are having, instead of actually having a great time. If we do not find the discipline to put the smartphone away once in a while, and have an old-fashioned face-to-face conversation, we will end up communicating via the smartphone only.” says the director.

Engaged girl: Sidsel Siem Koch
Siri: Sofie Topp-Duus
Waiter: Dorthe Studsgarth

Writer & Director: Maj-Britt La Cour
Producer: Maj Andersson Dalsgaard Nielsen
DOP & Editor: Signe Tora Munk Bencke
Sound recordist & Sound designer: Signe Mansdotter
Color Grading: Søren Kuhn

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