Webster University Geneva- Media Trends 2012- New Media Tools & Human Rights

For the third year in a row, Webster University in Geneva, Switzerland hosted the annual Media Trends Conference. This year, the conference was on new media tools and human rights. This is a short video about the Media Communications program at Webster University as well as a summary of this year’s conference. For more information please visit:


PRODUCER/DP/EDITING: Daniel Lopez-Paullada.


STUDENT CREW: Lucas Bullens, David Wertheimer, Najat Khadam, Alexandra Rodriguez, Fifi Sukkar.

SPECIAL THANKS: Tammy Rosso, Tim Young, Rebekah Jorgensen

All shots are from a combination of different cameras: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 550D, and Sony NEX-VG10.

Jib/Crane shots at the opening of the video were shot using a DSLR Devices Crane with a 5D Mark II and 24mm f/3.5 TS

Various Dolly shots were done with a custom made IGUS slider.

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