Trend Micro Cloud Security Animation

Client: Compass Rose Media, Trend Micro

Trend Micro is an internet security and anti-spam software developer and a regular customer of Compass Rose Media, a media development company located in Santa Cruz California. Compass Rose subcontracted me to create this animation. Animation was created with After Effects and the budget was under 10k.

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Tail Trends Christmas Dog Bandanas with Red Nosed Rudolph Designer Appliques 100% Cotton

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Tail Trends Dog Bandanas Christmas themed and beautifully hand-made appliques with 100% cotton fabric. Great stocking stuffer for your furry friend. This product fits most small to medium sized dogs. Medium Size fits 8″ – 15″ neck line. Large Size fits 16″ – 24″ neck line.Christmas Dog Bandana Stocking Stuffer
Designer Handmade Felt Applique on 100% cotton fabric
Stitched edge for longer wear and is machine washable
Medium Size fits 8″-15″ neck line, dimensions are 21 x 6 inches (W x L)
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Emerging Trends in Local Data: Three Presentations Introduction: Steven Jacobs, Deputy Editor, Street Fight

A world of connected devices — from smartphones and tablets to wi-fi routers and bluetooth beacons — are measuring the comings and goings of buyers and sellers locally, creating a new dataset that businesses, consumers and technology companies can use to create a better, more efficient local marketplace.
* Video Analysis: Alexandre Winter, CEO, Placemeter
* Company Data: Ari Kaufman, CEO, Placeable
* Payments: Krish Mantripragada, SVP Information & Analytics, First Data

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4.20.18 OpEd Vlog: Google Trends Reveal Trump Russia Collusion, Fake News, and Pizzagate Connected

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