Trend FTS/S/P 220-Grit Fasttrack Preparation Stone, Black

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Portable hand operated honing system giving guaranteed razor fine edges every time. It is easy and safe to use with no set up time required. The unique lateral sharpening action gives superb finished edge. It is built to last, machined in solid aluminium and anodised. It uses quick change magnetic lock diamond sharpening stones and the carriage runs on nylon 66 slip rails for a smooth action. Can be used with lapping fluid. The FTS/KIT kit contains:1 x Base and handle.1 x Preparation stone 220 grit.1 x Finishing stone 450 grit. Specifications:Primary angle: 25°.Secondary angle: 30°. Replacement stones available.The FTS/S/P is a replacement preparation stone. Grit: 220 – extra coarse.Size: 68.5 mm x 25.4 mm x 3.6 mm. FTS/S/P Fast Track Replacement Preparation Stone 220G BlackUnique lateral sharpening action gives superb finished edge. Built to last
Preparation Stone for the Fasttrack sharpening system
220 grit
Color – black
An excellent machine finish to chisels and planer blades. Simple but so effective