Handy Trends Model 00770 Oven Gloves, One Size, Off White

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This pair of gloves can handle heavy duty and the intensive heat. It dramatically extends the time that you can handle a hot object in your hand. The external layer provides an intense thermal resistance barrier. Works well during BBQ, kitchen, workshop, or at home. It drastically slows the increased temperature down from interior of the glove. Made from Knitted Cotton. Machine Washable. Comes with 1 Pair of Gloves.The Amazing Glove Deluxe is 2 pack hot surface handler and can withstand extreme dry heat up to 480 degree F
The heavy duty exterior layer of the glove forms an intense thermal isolation barrier
It dramatically extends the time you can handle a hot object in your hands
Great for Kitchen, BBQ’s, in the workshops and more; Can also be used to change light bulbs
Fits right or left hand; One size fits all; Lightweight; Machine washable