Super Bowl 50

RG/A approached YLLW to animate a suite of illustrations in real-time during the big game, turning search trends that were happening into short, snappy pieces of sharable content on social medial platforms.

The Super Bowl is much more than a football game. It’s an explosion of American culture that stops the country in its tracks for the day. There are people who watch the game for the football. But they’re probably outnumbered by those who are just there for the halftime show, the blockbuster ads, or the endless nachos, hotdogs, and pizza.

We spent two weeks before the game doing dummy runs, taking raw data and turning it into cheerful animations and quirky stories – fast.

It was an ambitious undertaking, involving many late nights and copious amounts of pizza. I animated countless gifs; some made the cut, and others didn’t or were toned down, these are my personal highlights.

Client • Google
Agency • RG/A London
Group Creative Director: Phil Haworth
Creative Director: Jason Hynes
Design Director: Elliott Wright
Senior Copywriter: Mark Edwards
Illustrator • Clayton Junior
Designer • Chris Walker
Animation • Chris Lloyd
Group Account Director: Remi Abayomi
Senior Producer: Sabina Choudhary
Associate Strategy Director: Lachlan Williams

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Viewed: 1329