Webinar: Micro is the New Macro Trend

As Facebook prepares to go public, users are pruning their Friends lists, taking info out of the public domain, experiencing reputation regret, and making their “circles” smaller and tighter. A recent ComScore report suggests that users are spending more time on smaller, socially curated sites like Pinterest and Tumblr than on Twitter—up to six times as much. And as trust in major financial institutions erodes, start-ups, citizens, and charitable organizations are attracting dollars through microloans from individual investors.

The common thread running through these examples is this:

People online and off seem to be favoring smaller, more intimate groups in which to express themselves, be heard, and have an impact.

What does this mean to marketers and researchers who wish to form long-term relationships with customers? Are there opportunities for brands that can create private and/or curated experiences?

Join Julie Wittes Schlack, SVP of Innovation and Design at Communispace and James Bailey, Sr. Global Marketing Manager in a lively discussion as they look at the current trends in online behavior, survey the social media landscape and provide a perspective on how brands can leverage this shift to build stronger bonds with their most important customers.

Julie Wittes Schlack, SVP of Innovation and Design
James Bailey, Sr. Global Marketing Manager

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