Maddison Headrick in L’officiel Fashion Film by Katya Tsyganova

There are certain dresses that are designed with breathtaking beauty to define the curves and express the beauty of the figure extraordinarily. The stunning video shoot for L’official by Katya Tsyganova combines formal attire with mesmerizing colors, diverse trends and steamy apparel to create a whole new world of mesmerizing pieces which make a statement!
Blurring the lines between formal and traditional wear, stylist, Olga Yanul incorporates elegant pieces together to brew up a magical storm of fashion wear that leaves onlookers staring transfixed. From long overcoats to silk dresses, T-shirts, glittering jewels and stunning handbags, Olga, helped by her assistant Suzi Rezler, transformed Maddison Headrick into art!

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