Michi Cute Animal Cable Bites Cable Buddy for iPhone IPad Charging Cords, (6small Bites, Tiger + Bunny + Pig + Panda + Polar Bear + Alligator, 1big bite Mouse + 1case for Cables).

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Michi Animal Cable Protector – Protect Your Data Line & Decorate Your Life Benefits / Features: 100% high quality material: PVC plastic & silicone with cute animals shapes, Compatible for all phone charging lines/ cables (including all kinds of line: computer charging line, earphone line, etc. ) Adorable & cute mini animals are here to protect your cable, dressing your data line from now on. Set includes : (6-Piece small: Panda + Polar Bear+ +Bunny + Tiger + Pig + Alligator ) ( 1big Mouse bite for IPhone Adapter plug ) ( Michi logo case for charging cords cable and bites ) Tips: Do not put this in high temperature for case of melting.* Our Cable Buddies are made of high quality PVC Plastic and Silicone in multi colors, provide soft & silky protection from your cord fraying and will extend cable life. Safe and easy to use.
* Package includes 6small cable bites animals: ( Panda, Tiger, Pig, Rabbet, Polar bear & Alligator ) 1 big cable bite for USB plug in ( Mouse ) 1 case. Adorable animal cable bites attach to the base of your charging cable and look like they are eating the cable.
* Perfect for lightning cables, iPhone cables and compatible with some android charging cords with smaller interfaces similar to the iPhone cable.
* There is a gap under the cable protector, just place the cable into the gap and push it to the top of the cable to snap into place
* Cable bites can be used as a great desk’s décor, a special gift for your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your family, your teachers, your colleagues, your sons, your daughters.