“The series of incidents surrounding the ongoing death of Black people, especially detailed in social media, have alerted to the importance of doing work in the community. Trending hashtags like #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile are the most talked about today but we know that many more – voiced and unvoiced – exist. Additionally, we know the difficulties that exist in the lives of people of color (POC) and Black men, women, and children every day as a result of the systematic oppression and institutionalized racism that breeds state-sanctioned violence. #Trending is an artistic intervention, developed by Haiti Cultural Exchange’s (HCX) Lakou NOU artist-in-residence Veroneque Ignace. It showcases the responses of East Flatbush youth to their community’s current state of affairs and to encourage community advocacy through creative production. The data collection component of the project involves youth of the community (aged 11 years and up) filling out a questionnaire – the primary resource for the choreographic work created. Youth also have the option of performing as dancers in the resulting work. Ignace believes that the process of enriching the East Flatbush through dance, and Haitian dance especially, begins with a combination of pop-up performances motivated by community voices and talk backs in critical East Flatbush locations/community centers.”

The installation was presented on November 12th, 2016 at Brooklyn Fete and sponsored by Haiti Cultural Exchange,New York Council for the Humanities, NY Dept of Cultural Affairs, and NY Council on the Arts. Special thanks to Brooklyn Loves Haiti, Jordan Battiste, Jennifer Massenat, & Sakena Sampson.

The New Anthem: A Poem by Olivier Joseph featuring the Star-Spangled Banner.
Introduction to ‘SELF’: Performers: All
Ode to Fallen Soldiers: Performers: Arielle S./Wesley M-C. featuring “Can’t Get Close” by Sampha
Caged… Solo Performer: Marla R.
Never Lonely… Solo Performer: Reanelle W.
Recitation of “Mystery of Iniquity” by Lauryn Hill: Performer: Jennifer W.
Message from my Past: A Duet: Performers: Imani N./Jennifer W.
The Invocation: Performers: Arielle S., Marla R., Vero I.
The Essay on Reality: Performer: Naomi F.
Bouillon Rara: Performers: All
Through Time and Space: Performer: Wesley M-C.
Introduction to ‘COMMUNITY’: Performers: All
Cast List:
Veroneque Ignace (Artistic Director of Kriyol Dance! Collective)
Naomi Fields (Kriyol Dance!)
Olivier Joseph (Kriyol Dance!)
Marla Robertson (Kriyol Dance!)
Arielle Steele (Kriyol Dance!)
Imani Nelson (Student)
Sanaya Weatherhead (Student)
Jennifer Williams (Student)
Reanelle Williams (Student)
Wesley Martinez-Close (Invitee)
Jean Frenel Misère (Master Drummer)
Jean Montina (Vocalist/Drummer)
Jackson Toussaint (Accompanying Drummer)

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