Pulse Channel ID 2008

This is a set of idents and backgrounds I made for the newborn MTV Pulse the channel.
This is a strictly music channel, directed to the youngest audience. It had to be strong paced and overhelm the senses of experience hungry youngsters.
The idea was to use the waveform (pulse) as a container for the diferent teenage world stimulus. The waveform would lead the channel ID even when it comes to promotion, onscreen gfx, and off-air promotion.
Before approaching motion design, I have designed the chubby and funny Pulse logo that would nail down relaxed and entartaining feel of the channel. It is meant to be independet from visual trends and time changes, and work on another level. Its playfulness and physical feel of gummy pleasure has a perspective of surpasing trends and relate to spactator in immediate and subtle way.

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