A fashion film about the first collection of the brazilian brand “Young Lust” (

The short film tells the story of two young adults, Sophia and Adam, who by chance crossed paths and proved that we always have new things to share with each other.

Sophia is a young designer who is always searching for inspiration and fashion trends, but she thinks that something is missing on her creations. When she meets Adam, things change. She learns to see the city in another way, viewing the best it has to offer.

Adam is a photographer and coolhunter who loves to explore the city, capturing moments and feelings. He’s always looking for new trends and inspiring people. When he meets Sophia, he gets excited about the idea of helping in her next collection.

Together they capture the attitude and behavior of the streets, and then Sophia can finally make her collection with the concept that she was always looking for. A successful partnership.

Created by Rafaela Keunecke and Augusto Gaelzer.
Directed by Yaggo Tavares.
Assistant Director Jeferson Brum and Nick Motta.
Cover Photo by Angelica Marques

May, 2016.
Porto Alegre, Brazil.

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