PreNAB Editors’ Lounge 2010 Part 1

The March 2010 Editors’ Lounge was the 7th year of our annual NAB discussion panel and featured guest speakers Howard Brock, Terence Curren, Mark Raudonis, Bill Megalos and Lucas Wilson. Debra Kaufman moderated a lively discussion on post-production trends and predictions for NAB 2010.

Once the video is loaded you can jump to the subjects below:

2:42 Edit systems, Avid vs. Apple
9:20 Edit systems, Adobe and Sony
15:27 Will editing be outsourced?
21:06 Smoke on a Mac, what does it mean?
26:49 How do new cameras affect post?
41:47 File formats, good or bad?
53:24 Delivery and archive of file formats

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