Top Spring Trends 2019 That You Can Shop & Wear NOW!

hey guys it's Emily welcome back today'svideo is on the top spring trends for 2019these are super specific trends that you can find in store right now so with thatsaid let's get started the first trend I want to talk about is neon green neonacross-the-board is kind of a trend but there's something about this neon greencolor that's extra extra hot if you want to gobold you can wear a neon green a bodycon dress if you want to tone it down just abit you can go for a neon green top or if you just want to dabble in the trendyou can add a neon green accessory to your look my tip for this trend is totry and find a neon green with an undertone that best flatters your skinthe next trend is tie-dye and it's what I'm wearing right nowtie-dye is super super hot this spring and it's honestly really excitingbecause it's so colorful and it's so much fun the best way to add sometie-dye into your wardrobe is to go thrifting a lot of the tie-dye stuffI've been finding online is super overpriced all you have to do is go toyour local thrift shop and check out the men's section and see if you can find atie-dye shirt a lot of tie die looks the same so you don't have to be too picky Igot the one I'm wearing right now while I was drifting and it's the perfectoversized fit I normally wear it knotted in the front or tucked into my bottomeither way it's such a great fun fresh way to add some color into your wardrobeand give you kind of like camp counselor lives now I'm craving Lunchables thenext trend is shells and shells are everywhere in the accessories worldright now buy shells I mean something like the bracelet I'm wearing right nowthese are called cowrie shells but really any shell falls into thiscategory we're seeing a lot of them in bracelets a lot of them in earrings andnecklaces even some shoes have some shell details on them if you love to DIYthis is a super easy trend that you can make yourself if not there are so manydifferent options to choose from from something more dressy that has more oflike a gold base is something really casual that's just like strings kind oftied together with some shells thrown in there something about these shells justmake you feel transported into somewhere tropicalbeachy sunny and who doesn't want to feel like that during spring/summer thenext trend is bustier tops this one is oddly specific but I'm seeing iteverywhere it's a really really really cutefeminine trend I've seen bustier tops go one of two ways either they have superthin straps or they have kind of this puffed shoulder which is also reallycute with the puffed shoulder bustier tops you can wear them on or off theshoulder which makes them a little bit more versatile but the tiniest strappylittle bustier tops are also super cute if your style is very feminine I thinkyou're gonna love this trend it's an easy way to add something really girlyand feminine into your outfit and if you're more like me where you'd like tobalance things out a little bit I love pairing bustier tops with Doc Martens orsneakers or something more masculine to balance it out I really like bustiertops and lighter colors like white or pastels but they also have a ton ofblack options they look really cute with a lot of layered jewelry and if you pairthem with really casual bottoms like a pair of denim cutoff shorts or somethingit can end up looking really effortless and cute but you still look veryfeminine the next trend is denim dresses denim dresses are all over right now andthey're such a cute easy outfit you're basically one and done I feel like a lotof us are denim junkies we live in jeans and a denim dress is even moreeffortless than a pair of jeans and a top because it's only one item ofclothing I've seen really cute denim dresses that have buttons going down thefront some of them are more body con and some of them are more a line the denimdress that I have has a bit of that bustier style with a little tie in thefront you can go thin straps thick straps there are so many options I'msure you guys will be able to find one that you love and it's just the easiestmost stylish outfit ever because denim dresses are something alittle different than your typical summer sundress but we all love dressesbecause it's a one-piece outfit so easy so cute the next trend is biker shortswhich if you haven't hopped on the biker shorts train yet honestly give it asecond chance it's actually really comfortable and honestly can be bornwith so many different outfit combinations it's a really cheapinvestment and you can play with so many different outfits silhouettes one of myfavorite ways to style biker shorts is to pair it with a cropped tank top andthen something super oversized on top I showed you guys two ways to style bikershorts in my last video biker shorts are really flattering because they'retoo short so you don't feel like you're wearing hot pants but they give you thatbody con look because they're super tight so there's a lot that you can dowith them and you can experiment with different colors and patterns or just gosimple with the black I was skeptical of this trend too at first but now I'm kindof a believer there's a couple shoe trends that I'm seeing over and over andover in the stores right now one is really casual and one is more dressed upso the more dressed up shoe that I'm seeing a lot for spring/summer is tinylittle strappy kitten heels it's not that we're new to a strappy heel butthere's something about these specific little kitten heels strappy sandalsthat's a little bit fresh and different than the average strappy sandal thatwe've seen so much in the past I really like these little strappy sandals inwhite because they really brighten up anything that you wear with it they'rethe perfect in-between of something really dressy and really casual becausea kitten heel is nice and low and comfortable usually there's alsomultiple straps which means your foot isn't sliding around in the shoe likeyou can find a strappy heel that's nice and secure feeling on your foot butanything with thin straps is going to give you that feminine look that sexylook you can use it to dress up your jeans and a t-shirtyou can wear it with your dressier dresses you can even find them in coolcolors and incorporate them into your looks that way another shoe trend isalso a strappy sandal but it's a lot more casual and it's these sporty velcrosandals these velcro sandals to me look like the sandals version of the DAADsneaker trend like they're kind of ugly but they're super chunky and they'rereally comfortable and I can see how they could look really cute if youpaired it with the right things most of these velcro sandals we'reseeing in black if you're gonna be doing a lot of walking on a hot spring summerday I feel like a shoe like this is perfect just like the chunky dietsneaker you can hate on them all you want but the fact that these supercomfortable shoes are now trendy and women can go ultra comfortable but stilllook really fashionable is a plus in my book how can you hate on that stillmaybe not for everyone but worth mentioning the next trend I have for youguys is ankle socks how could socks be a trend you may askwell if you really think about it and couple years for women especiallyshowing your ankles and the swearing kind of like no-show socks was more thetrend but now we're seeing actual ankle socks where the socks are visible becomethe trend this is a really cute way to accessorize an outfit and it kind of hasthe same effect as like the tie-dye where it makes you feel like a littlekid again it's a really subtle easy thing toincorporate into your outfit if you get a pair of just simple white ankle socksyou can kind of scrunch them up and bunch them up or you can get socks witha cool print on them and hike them up kind of skater style all the way to yourmid calf either way it's just a pop of something different to pair with asneaker and these types of socks are like objectively better than the no-showsocks because they're not gonna slide down your foot every time you take astep and it'll prevent you from getting blisters the next trend I have is pearlsthe cool thing about this pearl trend right now is that a lot of the pearlsthat we're seeing are baroque pearls I haven't always loved pearls becausethey're just so classic so feminine from my personal style but these baroquepearls are something a little bit different they're little cooler and Ifeel like they give a more casual vibe to a pearl accessory and make it moreeasy to incorporate them into an everyday outfit versus feeling likeyou're really dressing something up so baroque pearl earrings are super hotright now you can also find these necklaces you can find them at a varietyof different price points pearls are even showing up in shoes and clothingitems and handbags a really pretty romantic trend to play with the nexttrend is hair clips this one is one of my favorites I'm so obsessed with thehair clips trend I say hair clips but it's really hair accessories in generalbecause it includes things like scrunchies and berets you can find theperfect hair clip for you if you want to go super old-school all you have to dois find those snap clips in different colors if you want something more dressyand feminine pearl hair clips are a thing you can find something reallyelegant or if you want to just have fun with a trend you can find them in alldifferent shapes and colors I have hair clips that are the shape of a shell Ihave hair clips that are the shape of a strawberry they're just something funand playful and it just how earrings do they add some Sparkleand color to your face which I feel like brightens you up and live and you up alittle bit so I love the hair clips trend the next trend I have for you guysis ski sunglasses this is like the polar opposite of the tiny tiny little thinsunglasses that we were seeing for a while there this one's a bit morepractical but equally as crazy-looking they almost look like ski goggles butthey're sunglasses I'm still trying to figure out how you would style thisbecause to me it just looks so much like a ski instructor and the fact that it'snot even a winter trend it's a spring/summer trend is a little bitconfusing for me but there are so many options out there and you can find moresubtle versions of this trend as well if you're someone who really likes to playaround with your sunglasses and experiment with different shapes of themand colors this trend is something fun and cool and different to try andthere's a lot of different options out there the next one I have for you guysis fun bags I wish I could be more specific but in general there's just alot of really cute different bags out there a lot of smaller indie designersare being able to shine in this trend by bringing something different and freshto the table one of my favorites is Susan Alexandra who does these reallyfun beaded bags she actually designed the time necklace that I'm wearing rightnow these bags are so much fun and so cute and colorful full beaded or notjust like having kind of a pop of fun or a pop of color in your handbag issomething that you can definitely play around with this spring even somethingas simple as like a colored herschel belt bag or something counts justsomething to add a little bit of fun and playfulness to your look and then lastlyI want to throw out some of the color trends for spring/summer one of thembeing khaki and beige khaki tan beige colors are really on trend and it'sgreat because they help to balance out all the crazy colorful trends that we'reseeing this season this kind of goes in with the utilitarian trend that I talkedabout in my other trends video but things like jumpsuits or khaki pants ortrench coats things like that are super in and there's there's so much varietyto choose from so if you're more of a neutral lover try out the khaki trendand then of course neon green is one that I touched on earlier and thenthird color is coral which is Pantone color of the year coral is always kindof like a nice spring/summer color and it's universally flattering you can tryit in your clothing but you can also try it in your makeup having like a corallipstick or a coral blush looks really good on sunkissed skin coral you canalso go pastel or neon or anywhere in between it's just a really flatteringpretty color to play around with and definitely one that you should consideradding into your wardrobe this season and that is all I have for you guystoday those were a bunch of super specific spring trends that are out instores right now that you can add incorporate into your wardrobe into yourlooks I did another trend video earlier this year with broader trend themes for2019 so if you want more trends you can watch that one let me know what yourfavorites and least favorites were here in the comments below I love you guys somuch to the moon and back and I will see you in my next video bye.

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