2019 Men’s Fashion H&M | Men’s Fashion Trends | Easy Outfit Ideas Under £100

What's going on guys I'm Ollie welcome tomy YouTube channel thanks for everybody who's been watching us throughout 2018this is the first video of 2019 big things are coming guys so today we'redoing a fashion video check out my outfit ok so everything that you see infront of you is from H&M nice and cheap and cheerful let's go through what I'mwearing so first of all we have the muscle fit short sleeve stretch t-shirtit's a stretch material they call it here it's basically a muscle fit for gymguys like me to show off the gains, I've rolled up these a little bit higher tocome above my triceps it's really accentuates that gym physique and it'sreally slim fitted this retailed at 25 quid at H&M mega cheap then we've gotthese these are kind of a light crop stretchy material these check trousersblue the gray check these are also 25 quid okay I love these as well this isour gym guy outfit by the way 2019 all you fat asses who ate too much ofChristmas get in the gym and get some outfits like this before you come uplet's finish on the shoe then we've got these playing plimsolls also by H&M andthey retail that bear with me they retail that a mere 20 quid so the entireoutfit is 70 quid but it looks high-end as all really current outfit ideas verycool for this year coming and remember no socks with the shoes so this is ourgym guy smart casual outfit number one from H&M and our second outfit is a bitmore of a badass what can role outfit our gentlemen here is our second lookthis is our rock and roll H&M smart casual look the hat is optional let's gothrough I'm wearing okay so as I said we have our flat capgranddad cap that's optional but they are very trendy I think it goes wellwith this kind of retro shearling jacket we've got going on here and the roll netso that one retailed at ten pounds on in h&mokay so then we've got the roll neck underneath 25 quid hmm then we have theshilling jacket it's a faux leather right it's actually a very good fakeleather as fake leathers and that's a fake shearling real shilling is lamb'swool that's just some fur but this is only I think 60 quid or something sovery cheap and it's really cool super in and goes really well than rolling itthen we've got these super skinny stretchy material jeans 40 quid lovethose and finally we've got the Rock and Roll sleek long-toed Chelsea boot in asuede and we're going to flash a price up for them right now because they arethe last touch everything is from H&M and you know what we showed you thegranddad cap why not go for looking at the price they're slightly as well thefedora the world she got the world is thatright I don't think so okay all right boys there we have it that was two looksin H&M 2019 me fluff in movie lines but that was gangster keep watching for moregangster quotes more good videos coming forget everything I just said more firemore videos coming for the camp be sure to subscribe like and leave us a commentkeep the movement going Happy New Year stay tuned peace you.

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