5 Winter Trends To Wear Now | Men’s Fashion Trends Winter 2019

What's up, guys? I'm Brian Sacawa, you'rewatching He Spoke Style, and today I'm showing you five winter trends to wearright now.

[MUSIC] First up, trend number one.

White pants.

Now, looking through the London andPitti street style photos, I saw a lot of guys wearing white trousers or whitejeans, like I'm wearing here.

White pants are typically seen as more of a summerthing, which I think makes them even more unexpected and impactful when worn inthe wintertime.

White pants are a blank slate, which means that pretty muchanything goes in terms of the rest of your outfit.

With this look, I kept itkind of preppy and sporty with a classic navy peacoat, denim button-up shirt, andnavy silk knit tie.

Now, because it is colder out, I layered in a cardigan, whichalso gives a little bit of a color contrast.

The scarf is by Drake's.

More to add in some pattern than to actually stay warm.

Watch is the Cartier Tank Americaine.

And suede tassel loafers are by Morjas.

Trend number two isall about doing more with less.

Dressing tonally means that you arebuilding an outfit around a single color.

And it's really amazing how much of astatement you can make with this kind of simplicity.

When you're building a looklike this, you want to choose colors in the same family, but not the exact samecolors.

You can see here that the browns in the jacket, turtleneck, pants, pocketsquare, and shoes are all different.

Now, another trick to dressing like this isto add in some pattern.

My blazer has a very small houndstooth, or puppytooth,pattern, which helps to add some interest and break up the monotony of a single-color look.

One place I did not use brown is on my wrist.

This is the A.

Lange & Söhne Datograph.

Well, from doing more with less to doing more with more.

Trendnumber three is the statement coat.

I think it's always good to have, in yourouterwear collection, one big, bold statement piece.

This coat with the big houndstooth pattern is by Michael Andrews Bespoke.

Italso has a raglan sleeve, which is another thing that I saw a lot of inmany of the street style photos.

Best way to style a statement piece is to keepthe rest of your outfit simple.

My blazer by Jake Mueser and pants by MichaelAndrews Bespoke are both flannel and in solid colors.

I did throw in a littlepattern with a stripe of my shirt and very subtle check pattern in the tie.

Watch is, again, the Tank Americaine.

And leather tasselloafers are by Johnston & Murphy.

Trend number four.

Wearing a turtleneckunderneath a button-up shirt.

For me, this style is very reminiscent of a look withan ascot.

It has that same sort of elegance and poise to it.

However, I willsay that this look does come with a high degree of difficulty.

You've kind of gotto get it just right to pull it off.

First, because it does remind me of anascot, it makes me think ultra classic.

Charcoal flannel pants, white OCBD, and alittle bit of sartorial flair with this gun check blazer.

Unbuttoning the shirt.

Now, you could do this a couple different ways, but I prefer to have a few buttonsunbuttoned.

I think it lends itself well to making it feel a little more casualand less stuffy.

One final thing I think is important is to have some pattern.

Obviously, I have the check of the blazer.

And then the subtle herringbone of mycoat, which is by Ring Jacket.

Finally, trend number five.

Wearing a button-upshirt underneath a turtleneck.

This is not something that I saw a lot of, but Idid spot it on a friend of mine, Matt Hranek, who is the men's style editor atCN Traveler.

It's a very subtle flourish and it's also something that I think ispretty unexpected.

It's also kind of practical because it does really giveyou a nice extra layer of warmth around the neck.

Now, speaking of warmth.

The suedeshearling trucker jacket by Valstar is also extremely warm.

And keeping with thekind of rugged, urban explorer theme here, I have on some classic Levi's 511s.

MyRolex GMT Master on the wrist.

And finished off with these great oxbloodboots by Bostonian.

Alright, there you have it! Five winter trends that I ampersonally feeling this season.

You know, trends play a very, very, very small rolein the vocabulary of my personal style.

But every so often I find some thatspeak to me and I feel comfortable wearing.

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