Hi everyone my name is Kelsey and my name is Becky where the sorry girls And we are back doing some really fun fashion DIYs.

I feel like we haven't known of these in a while I know! This doesn't really have a theme other than these are just really trendy stuff that we've seen around and we thought we could probably DIY that Yeah, and a couple of them are inspired by pieces of my own all right.

Alright, we're gonna get started with an easy to do Bodysuit upcycle well.

It's a tank top upcycle – to a bodysuit Bodysuits are one of my ultimate favorite things at the moment Like, I'm obsessed they just like take a little bit more effort in the washer.

Tha- That is true But they're super cute! Alright, so we're gonna turn a slightly long tank top – honestly It doesn't have to be as long as I even thought it needed to be, it doesn't have to be that long Just maybe like towards your crotch length, um And we've seen these all around kind of YouTube and the blogosphere and Pinterest But shout out to my style diary who kind of gave us some of the inspo for the way we did today's bodysuit upcycle We took a thrifted tank top and laid it flat And next took a pair of underwear that we like the shape of and folded the crotch area in half And place it directly on the bottom of the tank top Cut two slits on either side of the crotch section you might want to give yourself a little bit extra room because hem later Next lay the underwear flat and pull down Trace up the bottom of this and cut it out.

Cutting through the front and the back is okay Also cut off the bottom hem at this point now fold the tank top in half long ways and lay it flat Try to do the same thing with the underwear, but keep the "butt" out of the way We're just tracing the front of the underwear towards the front of the tank top and tracing that line there Trace this out and cut it out.

So, after estimating what it would look like on, um, we decide that we wanted it to be like a little higher cut than where the underwear was if this happens to you, too Don't worry It's a pretty easy fix so we just measured how much higher we would want like the start of the bodysuit from the bottom [Becky] The Hips [Kelsey] Yeah, the hips to sit Where we want that to start so we just measured about like an inch or so up From the bottom of our current bodysuit, and then just added a slit on either side Then we just folded the whole body suit in half and then just trimmed from that part where we marked a little bit towards the crotch just make sure that you don't take any more fabric away from the Crotch area unless you want to trim that too, but probably not, you're gonna want to focus on where that side is where and trim it up there Last thing to do is hem up the edges and add a simple stitch across the crotch When it's then you have a new wardrobe staple for your closet, so easy so good So next up We're gonna show you how to make these tearaway pants these are amazing because I remember these being in style when I was like pretty Young they were like the cool thing for all like the rapper's to wear The rapper's they were they were awesome, and then they were totally out of style and now they're having a huge moment again So obviously you have to DIY them and then actually not too hard to do also comfy pants so are everything So good and also they're very versatile like I mean if you go to like the gym Although like who's gonna like unsnap those it would take like way too long to snap out of but you can You can be extra.

No it's good like it's getting a little hot in here Let me just unsnap a little bit there you go.

That's true, ventalation.

Yeah We picked up a pair of athletic pants from the thrift store in a size that was slightly too large Laying them down We figured out how much Overlap on the side we want there to be and at this time you want to make sure you're overlapping the sides of the pants Front to back so that the front with the stripe and the snap side goes over the backside which has the back of the snaps With some pins fold-over about one and a quarter inch flap with enough black to place our snaps on later Cut down the side of the pants and repeat on the other side once It's cut and the pants are open We cut the pants away from the waistband a bit so that we could take another half inch off the inside of the stripe side pin and sew a rolling hem and Repeat this on the other side as well so remember when we did the stripe side the waistband was still hanging out Well at this point we cut and folded the waistband and instead of rolling with the pants.

We used a zig-zag stitch This kept everything in place and very flat now everything is cut hemmed and looking good Our pants still don't really work as pants so we need to add some snaps time for a quick snap tutorial you need four pieces for a snap to Clamp together on one side of your fabric and two clamps together on the other side So we have the cap and socket which I'm going to call our "front friends" and the stud and the eyelet which I'm going to Call our "backside friends" so first we're gonna start by punching a hole And you'll need a leather punch for that – Now, We originally thought that those were only for leather But we tried it on fabric, and it worked really well So you might want to pick up one as well.

Punch a hole where the snap is going to go Next we'll need a snap setting tool We got this one online and we will link it below.

Enter the cap in from the front side and flip it over and place the socket on the back Lay the cap in the base of the snap setting tool and then use a hammer or a mallet to flatten the little tube of metal That came out of the cap This is how the two pieces lock together.

We put two snaps on the top through the elastic waistband.

For the backside snaps, we overlap the fabric about an inch and place the backside snaps where they would line up with the front side snaps You can do this by eying it or by feeling for the center of the front side snap through the fabric and marking it.

For the rest of the leg, you're attaching the front side snaps to the striped side of your pants We measured how long the rest of the leg was divided by how many snaps we had plus one to figure out the spacing We marked these with some pins and then re marked them with pins once we figured out the right path Obviously the more snaps the more secure your pants will be, but we did six down each leg after the waistband So a couple of things we learned while doing this one Is that the base of your snap settings tool can totally scrape the top of your cap So we put down some felt to totally protect it while we're doing this okay, and another thing I learned is that if your snaps are a little bit loose It could be because your fabric is too thin like it was fine when we were doing the waistband But not when we were doing the rest of the pant so that just means that that little metal piece is a little bit too long And that's an easy fix you can actually just take sandpaper and sand it down it really easily like comes away after a couple seconds of sanding You can just like lower that metal so that when you hammer it on It's not in the way and snaps together better once the front side snaps were on we lined up the backside pant leg with that Approximately one inch overlap.

We then used a silver sharpie to mark where to make the holes for the backside snaps Repeat the stab setting process, but for the back side Make sure the eyelid is inserted from the inside of the pant leg so that your snaps will work together when you're done if you flip over the base of the snap setting tool you'll find a different base that is best to use or on the backside snap Then you can go ahead and snap them all together Repeat the whole frontside backside snap setting process on your other side of your pants, and you are good to go! Looking good! So far.

*Incoherent mumbling about when they're from* *Incoherent mumbling about when they're from* v athletic yeah, Athleisure is like bang strong in 2018 So there's this striped shirt that I always wear, and honestly I get a million comments on where it's from, guys, I've said this before but it's from Amazon, and I'll link it below I actually just like added it to my cart when I needed more for free shipping I was like hold on let me just like find a super chill sweater to wear.

Yeah, that's how that happened anyways It's cute I agree So we're going to DIY it today because it is such an easy DIY.

You'll need a plain white shirt You could do a sweater, but we did a loose long-sleeve shirt We got this red white and blue ribbon from the ribbon store, and it just happened to be so similar to the original ribbon That's on my shirt But this pattern is pretty common and any striped ribbon would actually look really good If you want you can put on the shirt and find out where exactly You want the ribbon to sit or you can just wing it Cut a piece the size of the chest with a little bit of excess on either side – about 1/2 an inch or so will do after marking where we want the ribbon to sit on the shirt with pins we took a seam ripper, flipped the shirt inside out and Then ripped a seam along the inside of the shirt just where the ribbon hits we're going to bring the ribbon in at this seam to keep everything looking tidy.

It was an internal struggle whether to fabric glue or Sew this on, but we went with fabric glue Just because it is honestly way easier And it's not really gonna change the look or the durability of the shirt since it is kind of just like a duffel That's going on so we ended up going to fabric glue Just make sure that you get the right brand of fabric glue otherwise It will not stick, we like the brand "fabric tack" which we will link below.

For the ribbon on the arms again You might want to put it on to figure out where the ribbon should go, you want it to sit pretty straight across when your arms Are down which means that when your sweater shirt isn't on the ribbon will probably go up on an angle a little bit Repeat the fabric glue technique on the arm, and the seam ripping technique towards the back.

Maybe buy a little bit more ribbon than we did because we ran out so you cannot look at the back of our shirt I Think we got like one and a quarter yards or something like that so I think aim for two [yards] just be safe once you've attached your ribbon everywhere you want it to be, front, arms, and ideally the back Push the ends of the ribbon through your seam ripped holes and pin them back up with the shirt inside out Simply sew along these holes making sure to reverse stitch over the portions that you cut open so that your fabric doesn't unravel From the front, your ribbon is gonna look them nicely sewn into the shirt like it was there the entire time.

So easy! So easy, but you can also buy it on Amazon if you want if it's available in your country.

Maybe, I don't know – but um, it's also really easy to do if you have a white shirt like maybe a stain like right there that you wanna cover up Speaking of stains that you can cover up and DIY around leads us to our last DIY So this is a shredded slash ripped up sweater We've seen these shredded sweaters like everywhere and they can be really expensive even though It's literally just a distress sweater, so this is great you can start with a thrift store sweater Or like we said if you have one that has a stain or already has a rip in it like you can continue on with That sweater Yeah So this is a super easy process to do take a seam ripper and rip one of the vertical pieces of yarn Pull the horizontal pieces of yarn so that the stitches start coming undone Wherever you make the first cut your run will go downwards or at least on our sweater That's how it worked.

Tie up the ends of your cut yarn to keep the spot from unraveling more We repeated this in different areas of the sweater along the bottoms of the arms, around the neck and on the front and the back.

A couple of things we learned was that you can also do this process from the back and your dangly Ramin yarn pieces Will end up on the inside of your shirt To do a wider area you can pull up the horizontal piece of yarn or just cut it and do the same process So you can definitely experiment with this it's really hard to mess it up as long as you aren't doing too many holes and as Long as you don't forget to tie it up so the whole thing doesn't completely come undone.

Which speaking of, make sure that you hand wash or delicate wash this since it is going to be ripped and more delicate now that we've DIY'd it All right, Thank you guys so much for watching that video.

I hope you learned some cool fashion hacks.

Yeah, let me know What was your favorite below, and if there's one that you've seen that we haven't done like tell us But we could do it next time.


And if you notice that Becky's like super tan, that's because we both went on vacation But see – she went somewhere a little bit sunnier than I did, um, But yeah make sure you guys check out our vlog channel we document our lives over there some fun things behind the scenes of these videos Yeah, so that's link below and up above the vlog Channel check it out Go subscribe over there too, that uploads on Wednesday so that if you guys come to our channel you get something like Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Then it's all over again, it's an endless circle.

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