Ellen Talks All Things Fashion

That's right, I completely forgot,we flew an entire audience from New York.

>> [LAUGH]>> Welcome to Los Angeles, where we have beautiful weather, beautiful celebrities,and terrible bagels, I'm sorry.

>> [LAUGH]>> Not gonna compete with you on that.

One thing I love about New Yorkers isthat you're very, very fashion savvy.

>> [LAUGH]>> I go to New York, and I always see people very,very well dressed walking around.

Sometimes there's a nakedperson on the subway, but- >> [LAUGH] >> For the most part, you're well dressed.

So today, I thought I would show you somenew fashion trends that are out there, just in case.

You probably already have them, but->> [LAUGH] >> Because you got your finger on the pulse.

Okay, so I did some online shopping, andthese are all real items that you can buy.

A lot of people are talking aboutthese new jeans from Nordstrom.

They're calledBarracuda Straight Leg Jeans.

>> [LAUGH]>> Have you seen, they're covered in fake mud? >> [LAUGH]>> If you want to trick your spouse into thinking you were doing yard work.

>> [LAUGH]>> $425 they cost, so yep.

And, I wonder if people buy these, andthey get upset if they get them dirty? Like, ugh.

>> [LAUGH] >> Damn it, I got real mud on my fake mud.

>> [LAUGH]>> Then, here's another style that they're selling.


>> [LAUGH][APPLAUSE] >> Yeah.

These are called, clear knee mom jeans.

>> [LAUGH]>> They put the no in Nordstrom, I think.

>> [LAUGH]>> The ad says, a slick, plastic panels bareyour knees for futuristic feel.

>> [LAUGH]>> Honestly, that's not what I thoughtthe future would feel like.

>> [LAUGH]>> Here's a shirt, also, from Sandy Leeang.

This is the designer.

And, it's hard to see howpretty it is on there, but- >> [LAUGH] >> I guess, jeans have windows, and shirts need curtains, so.

>> [LAUGH]>> This one has a little sleeve right here in case you get chillyon that arm right there.

>> [LAUGH]>> You know how sometimes you turn shirts into dust cloths? This is the other way around.

>> [LAUGH]>> This was a dust cloth that somebody decided to make a shirt.

>> [LAUGH]>> And finally, here's something.

This is from Urban Outfitters.

Here it is.

>> [LAUGH] >> [APPLAUSE] >> It's called, Out From Under extremecrop tank top shrug.

>> [LAUGH]>> The name is bigger than the outfit.

>> [LAUGH]>> This really is what it looks like.

It's a tank top.

It comes halfway down to your chest.

I've seen necklaces cover more.

>> [LAUGH]>> It's a little hat for your bra.

>> [LAUGH]>> If this is what people think they want, here I'm going to make it better.

I have an idea.

>> [SOUND]>> I think this is good idea anyway, we'll see.

>> [LAUGH]>> Okay, just- >> [LAUGH] >> [APPLAUSE]>> They're straps.

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