Fashion Trends: Dry Cleaner Couture?

Have you ever gone to the dry cleaners and been told that they've lost your clothes?>> The worst.

>> Yes.

>> Now that's terrible.

Okay, hasn't happened to me, thank you,cuz I go to the cleaners a lot.

Well here's a solution you guys.

Just wear the plastic bag.

I know that sounds crazy, but Italianlabel Moschino, as part of their fall cardboard couture collectionhas put out a $700 bag dress made out of plastic inspiredby those infamous dry cleaner bags.

The bag dress is meant to beworn over another garment, and even comes with the paper,we heart our customers.

You know how it says that, with the heart? All right, so ladies,do you think you'd look so fresh and so clean, clean in this dress, or->> Let me save you all- >> Or is this? >> Let me save you all $700, okay? This is all you need to do if you'relooking for a dress, just do this.

This cost you whatever your dry cleaning is, right here.

>> [LAUGH] >> This is it, This is it.

This is what it looks like.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Wait, you got to try it on.

Lonnie, you got it on.

Let's actually see this on you.

>> Yeah, Lonnie.

You got to put it->> I can't fit that, that ain't but- >> You got to put it over your head though, Lonnie.

>> You got to put it over->> See the hole.

>> My God.

>> Here.

>> My God.

>> Take it off.


>> Put it over here.

>> This is->> No.

Keep the customer thing.

>> I have to tell you though, I have a big thing against fashion when they start->> Watch your eye.

>> Yeah, thank you, thank you, my lashes.

Lonnie, my lashes, aah!>> There you go.

>> [LAUGH]>> There we go.

>> [APPLAUSE] >> Are you even? >> [LAUGH] >> That ain't it.

Work it girl.

>> Jeanie can make anything look flawless.

>> I don't like this.

>> Why you don't like it Tam? >> This is so stupid.

It makes me mad.

It's so stupid.

The women out there that are going to buythis, it actually makes me judge them a little bit.

>> Yep.

>> You know what I mean.

This just god.

>> The designer said it it's cool.

>> How bad do you want to be down.

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