HOT Fashion Trend Alert: BROWN | 13+ Stylish Brown Picks!

– The hottest new color trend? Brown.

(bright electronic music) Hi, ladies, it's Erin, andwelcome back to my channel.

Today, I wanna talkabout one of the hottest fashion trends of theseason, the color brown.

Brown is the new black.

I have been slowly picking up brown pieces and have been loving doing it.

I felt like it's just kind of really fun to infuse this colorinto my wardrobe again after so many years of it just kinda being peppered in a little bit, butnot in such a big, bold way.

It's definitely back, andit's bigger than ever.

And what I love about brown is I feel like it has the same levelof versatility as black, and it can be just as neutral,but oftentimes not as harsh.

So it's a great option for those of you who have told me over andover again, I can't do black.

I don't like wearing black.

It doesn't look good on me.

Brown is a great option.

You can build out your wardrobe basics with browns, with browntones, instead of blacks, and that can be moreflattering for your skin tone.

So, I wanna show you someof my favorite brown pieces of the season and share them with you.

And, of course, as always, I'll put links to anything I'm featuring or talking about in the description box,if it's still available.

I know sometimes they're sold out.

(bright electronic music) First one I wanna startout with is probably the biggest purchase of the year, and that was this Chloe Tess bag.

It is the medium size or large size.

They just have small and medium, but it's really the big one.

And it's in a color sepia brown.

There is a chocolate brown color.

There is an olive green color.

They have a beige or taupe color.

And they have this in a smaller size.

So, I got the bigger size so I could fit my big Henri Bendel wallet in here.

This is the wallet I carry all the time.

And so I can still fit it in the bag, and that's why I wanted the big one.

So I can fit more stuff in it, basically.

And then I love the front pocket.

So, I put my phone in here.

Woop, there it goes.

Wallet it in here.

So anytime I'm out and about, I can go, okay, I just need to quickly check email.

I can pull that out.

It's just very nice.

I like that setup.

And it's got a little strap that you can carry, kind of like a satchel, although, admittedly, I don't use that.

Maybe I will at some point.

I use the big mommastrap that you can wear cross-body or as a shoulder strap, and it's a really good-looking strap.

It's one of those camera-bag-style straps.

Really nice hardware, too, very big, bold, and lux hardware on the bag.

When you're thinking aboutyour brown wardrobe strategy, a bag is one of those things that you'll instantly add somefreshness into your wardrobe.

That color will literally go with everything in your wardrobe.

It does go with black.

You can see I very purposelywore brown and black today so you guys could seethe combination together.

So, it goes with black,it goes with white, it goes with beiges, camels, rust, navy.

You can wear it with green.

You can wear it with pinks.

It just really works withso many different colors.

(bright electronic music) The second piece that I picked up I wanna show you guys that I think you're going to love, it's a great price, and it's a great fit, andthey're very flattering, and it's this pair of really slim, fit-and-flare corduroy pants by BLANKNYC.

These feel very retro to me.

It feels very '70s.

Again, I love the fit.

I love the way they look.

I love the color.

They're just a fun pair of pants.

I think if you're in an office that's not really conservative, you could probably get awaywith these for the office.

But it's just a great casual pant, too.

And here you can see I paired 'em with a cardigan that's almostexactly the same color.

This is that Leith circlecardigan that many of you have.

I have it in gray.

It's definitely one of my favorites.

But they have this newcolor, this rust color, and I thought it was just really cool to sort of create thismakeshift suit with brown tones.

I really love this combination.

But you could also dosomething really simple, like just a white turtleneck sweater with your brown corduroy pants, too.

(bright electronic music) The next brown piece I wanna show you is this jacket that I'm wearing.

It is cropped and shorter.

Yeah, it goes to aboutjust past your waistband.

It fits beautifully.

It's a nice sleeve length for me.

It's also just a gorgeous color.

It's very warm.

And it just looks so glamorous.

I feel like any faux furjacket or faux shearling jacket just adds so much glamor to your look.

So, literally, you could be wearing what I'm wearing right now,a turtleneck and jeans, and add this jacket, and you have totally dialed up the glamor.

And I feel like this is another piece that would go with somany different things, and you can just throw it on with so many different options in yourwardrobe to add that freshness, to add that excitement, to mix things up.

And this one is also a great price.

It's right around ahundred, 98 or something.

But for a jacket that is of this quality and also this functionality,I mean, it's very warm, I feel like it's a great deal.

So, just love this piece, and I wanted to share it with you guys.

(bright electronic music) The next piece I wanna show you I actually paired with this jacket, and it's a great winter dress.

This is by Rachel Zoe, andit's in a leopard print.

It's a tie-neck, long maxidress, just so beautiful.

And I feel like if you wanted something that was unexpectedand different and fresh for your holiday parties, or even after holiday and you've got anything going on that's different and unique.

You could do a wedding in this.

It's a beautiful dress.

It's different.

It has those yummy brown tones, and also the print trend ofthe season, the leopard print.

So it's just a great combination.

And I just love when you wear a long maxi and you throw a reallychic jacket over that, whether it's a moto, or afaux fur jacket in this case.

Just so glam and gorgeous andjust such a nice alternative to the leggings and thejeans and the winter uniform.

It's great to have this beautiful dress to throw into the mix.

I know this dress is pricey,so I will put options for less in the description box, too.

(bright electronic music) The next brown piece that I wanted to show you that I feel like is a very versatile purchase and also an incredibly comfortable pair of bootsare these ECCO booties.

They are a really dark chocolate brown.

And they even have alittle black mixed into the chocolate brown, so they justwork so well with everything.

So you can easily wear them with blacks and easily wear them with browns.

On top of that, they look so expensive.

They look really lux.

I was in Nordstrom inDenver, and the woman that worked there stoppedme, and she's like, "Where did you get those boots?" And I told her they were by ECCO, and she's like, "Oh,wow, I thought they were "super high-end, $700 pair of booties.

" Anyway, on top of that, they'realso incredibly comfortable.

So, this is the bootie that I wore on both of my trips to California and walked around allover the place in those, and they're definitelygreat walking shoes.

So if you've got a trip coming up and you need something that you can walk and walk and walk and walk in,and it's not a snowy place, (laughs) these are a great option.

(bright electronic music) Okay, couple other pairsof boots I wanted to share.

These are boots by See by Chloe, which is the lower-end version of Chloe.

These are a very high heel.

They're incredibly high.

But I love that they have this sort of Timberland bootstyle, lug sole in rubber.

So they really are finein any kind of weather.

They're just awesome.

What can I say? I mean, I love 'em.

I think they're so sexy and fun, and they add so much toanything you wear with them.

(bright electronic music) Another pair of boots I wanted to share with you guys, along the same lines of the ECCO boots in terms of versatility, and that's these booties by Marc Fisher.

They're not quite as low as the ECCOs.

The ECCO bootie is threequarters of an inch.

These are more like two inches.

It is a very neutral, versatile color.

It's a great sort of almond-shaped toe, a nice height on the bootie.

These do not have a side zip, by the way, so that's a consideration.

If your foot is wider, they may be harder to get on and off.

But just a great lookingpair of suede booties that you definitely wannaspray with some suede leather protecting spray before you wear them out.

But yeah, I wanted to show you these, too.

They're just so versatile,neutral, and good-looking.

(bright electronic music) Couple more coats with youguys in the brown family.

So, the first one is a wrap coat in camel.

I think camel's one of the most beautiful, one of the most neutral colors,and I think it also looks incredibly expensive and lux and chic.

It's a great layering coat.

You can wear it aloneor layer it over things.

But it's a really chic piece.

(bright electronic music) The other coat I wantedto share with you guys, it's by Avec Les Filles, which is the same brand that designed the suede duster coat that I have shown you guysa bunch, which is another brown piece, which I forgotabout and just remembered.

So both of those are Avec Les Filles.

They both are in the brown family.

They're both incrediblychic and sophisticated.

So, the one that's newis a faux shearling.

It looks like the real deal, but it's not, so it doesn't have thereal-deal price tag, and you're not hurting animals.

It's just such a win-win.

(laughs) It's $200 for the faux shearling version.

But when you look up whata shearling one costs, it's $4,000, crazy expensive.

So, just a beautiful coat, cocoon-shaped, oversized, duster length, layersbeautifully over anything, and has so much movement when you walk.

Just a really pretty piece.

(bright electronic music) And then the suede dustertrench that I've talked about and wore all fall is another brown piece.

And that could be great, again,if you're in a mild climate.

You don't need a lot of heavy-duty stuff.

When I was first showing it, I was like, ah, it's gonna be one of those things where it's gonna take all of us a little while to kinda jumpon that brown bandwagon.

But once you do, you're gonna be so happy you have that suede trench,because that color's not going anywhere, andit's such a statement piece.

You're gonna wear it and wearit and wear it and wear it.

And this is the kinda thing thing where, definitely go into the thriftstore or the vintage shop and look around becauseyou could find 'em.

I used to have one that I got in the flea market in New York City.

So you could definitelyfind a version of this for a lot less when you gothrifting or in the vintage shop.

(bright electronic music) Another really fun brown acquisition for me this year was mybrown leather pants by FRAME.

They're in that really rich, cognac brown.

And they're kind of a wildcard.

I mean, in terms of versatility, the leather pants in this color, they're not gonna be the most versatile.

So if you don't alreadyhave a pair of leather pants and you're thinking about it, I would get the same pair of pants,but in black, for sure.

But I don't know, I justwanted to get the brown.

I just was so drawn to the color.

And the great thing about leather pants is that they're also very, very warm, I would say twice as warmas just regular bluejeans.

So I often wear leather pants when I'm going out in snowy weather to stay warmer, because it is just such a warm fabric.

(bright electronic music) Some brown accessories thatI wanted to share with you.

One is my rag & bone brown fedora hat.

I absolutely love that.

I wear that all the time.

Whenever I talk about hats, a lotta you have questions about what to do if you go into a restaurant andyou're wearing your hat.

Typically what I do if I'm sitting down to dinner with the family,I'll just take the hat off and put it down next to meby the chair or on the back of the chair, wherever Ican find a good spot for it.

I don't keep it on during dinner because I wanna be able to see everybody and not feel sort of disconnected, which I feel like the hat can do.

But otherwise, just leave it on.

So that's kinda the scoop of the hat.

(bright electronic music) The second accessory I wanted to show you are these hoop earrings,these tortoise shell hoops.

These are from BaubleBar,and I've worn these a ton.

I like that it's a hoop, it's big, it adds a lotta pop toyour look, but then it also is in that tortoise shellbrown, which really goes so well with all of these yummy brown tones.

Okay, so those are my favoritebrown finds for the season.

Brown is the color of the season.

It's really just coming back for the first time in a long time, and I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon.

So I think it's a great time to start picking up some brownaccessories, some brown pieces.

You can also build outthose wardrobe basics.

By the way, if you don't already have a wardrobe basics checklist,I do give that out as a freebie when yousubscribe to my newsletter.

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Okay, let me know if you guyshave any questions at all.

I will put links in the description box, along with options for less.

Thank you guys again for watching, and I will see you next time.

Bye! (bright electronic music).

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