Men’s Fashion 2019 – Spring & Summer Trends

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My name is Kelvin Krupiak and today we're goingto take a look at some of the upcoming men's fashion trends you can expect to see in thespring and summer season.

All right, guys.

So I got really busy over the holidays andunfortunately I didn't get to do a winter trends video which is a bummer.

But I did notice that there was a lot of interestin the fall fashion trends video I did a while back so I knew this was something I wantedto have as a recurring subject on my channel.

So today, we're going to take a look at someof the trends that the titans of men's fashion have put forward for the spring and summerseason.

I'll also break down for you guys which onesI'm excited to experiment with as well as which ones I might try to avoid just becauseof my own personal preference.

Also, remember that fashion shows are meantto be a great source of inspiration.

A lot of the photos you might see from fashionshows are over the top artistic representations of what you can expect to see someone actuallywear in a real life situation.

But they're still a great source of inspirationso keep that in mind.

A lot of the times people like to write offfashion shows because they think what they're seeing these people wear looks ridiculous.

But in most cases they are meant to be againan over the top artistic representation.

Now, let's go ahead and jump right into thetrends you can expect to see and the first one on our list is sage is the new color.

Now in the fall and winter we talked abouta shade of brown very similar to what your local UPS man might wear becoming a very popularcolor as well as the prominence of red and orange.

Moving into the spring and summer, it lookslike darker shades of green are going to become a very popular color choice.

Which I think is a very interesting choicein color because it's darker and more neutral than the usual vibrant colors you would expectto see in the warmer months of the year.

Now I'm not saying bright and vibrant colorsaren't going to be in style as we head into the spring and summer because they most certainlyare.

Every time we get to the warmer part of theyear those bright and vibrant colors always come back in style.

But wearing a darker more neutral color likethis is definitely going to separate you from everyone else wearing the more vibrant colorsthat are typically associated with spring and summer.

Also, just like that darker shade of brownwas something that was missing from my wardrobe in the fall fashion trends video, this darkershade of green is also something that I don't really have.

So I'm excited to experimenter with this andsee what types of outfits I can put together.

And to give you guys a visual representation,I did already pick up a pair of shorts that's focused on incorporating this darker shadeof green as you can see and I would pair this with something like this gray shirt or evena shirt like this for example.

This is something I picked up with the shorts.

I love the way this color compliments thedark green.

And to round the outfit off and add a littlemore contrast I could see myself pairing it all with something like white converse forexample.

I'm not quite sure just yet, but I am goingto put an outfit together for an upcoming look book so stay tuned for that.

Trend number two you can expect to see isshort shorts.

Now shorts like this took a very prominentpresence at a number of different fashion shows and this is another tough one for mebut I am going to try and incorporate these into my wardrobe as we head towards the spring.

I know in the past I've always felt a littleself conscious about wearing shorts that sit right around mid to upper thigh, but I'm alsoan advocate of pushing yourself out of your comfort zone even if it's just occasionallywhen it comes to trying new styles and items of clothing.

Also, those shorts that I just showed you.

These are a more moderate representation ofthe type of length you can expect to see with a trend like this.

If you're not comfortable jumping right intowhat's essentially equivalent to tennis shorts in length, that's totally fine.

You can start with something like this thatsits well above the knee and you can even cuff them if you want to experiment with shorteningthat length even more.

The third trend to keep your eye out for isclashing patterns.

And this is something that I really haven'tdecided on just yet.

Patterns that clash aggressively like thisdefinitely goes against one of the more traditional schools of thought when it comes to bringingbalance to an outfit.

That being that usually you wouldn't see morethan two maybe three patterns max being introduced into an outfit.

And when that does happen, you typically seeone of those patterns taking up a majority of the presence on the outfit with the secondand potential third clashing pattern taking up a more subtle presence on the outfit.

So there's typically an element of balanceassociated with mixing patterns.

Now the trend we're seeing emerge here takesa lot more creative liberty with that concept.

For example, here you can see large bold graphicsand patterns being mixed together with seemingly the only subtle connection being some of thecolors.

So this is much less conventional than mixingsome of the more controlled patterns you might be used to seeing like stripes and polka dotsfor example.

I think something like this can open up alot of creative possibility even though it looks like there's no method to the madness.

There's still subtle connections being madethat are helping tie the patterns together.

So I would recommend that you experiment withthis trend.

But if you have no experience mixing clashingpatterns in the past, then I would highly recommend you start with something a bit moremoderate and conventional.

Jumping right into large bold patterns andgraphics can be a difficult challenge so definitely work up to it.

The fourth trend we're going to be coveringis double breasted jackets.

And this is something that I'm all for.

I 100% don't see enough men wearing doublebreasted jackets in the spring and summer.

They're more typically found in the fall andwinter because double breasted pea coats and overcoats are more common.

And if you haven't heard the term double breastedbefore that just means there's a substantial amount of material that overlaps and you wouldusually see two sets of buttons.

You can cost effectively experiment with thistrend by checking out ASOS.

And just to give you guys an example of whatyou can expect to see when you head on over there, these are some of the things that Iwas finding the other day when I was looking for double breasted jackets.

Or if you have a larger budget to work withI would highly recommend that you check out Suit Supply.

They have a lot of different options and thebalance of price and quality over there is fantastic.

And the fifth and final trend we're goingto look at is hiking sandals.

It's become very apparent that sandals aregoing to become very popular this year and you guys might be surprised to hear me saythis, but I'm more than okay with it.

Now let me clarify.

I am not okay with you wearing socks and sandalstogether although dad socks is another trend we could've discussed on this video, but justto be clear and put that out there right now, I am not the one telling you to wear sandalsand socks together.

Just letting you know that sandals are goingto be a trend.

But overall I am willing to give this trenda shot and again I would refer you over to ASOS.

They don't have an expansive list of sandalsthat you can choose from, but they do have some that are very clean and I think theywould lend themselves well to a wide variety of different outfits.

And one final note on this trend, if you aregoing to pick yourself up a pair of sandals, make sure you're giving your feet proper attention.

If you're wearing sandals that means you'reokay with people seeing your feet.

And if people are looking down at your feet,then they should definitely be made presentable at the very least.

Finally guys, remember that I always try tofollow up a video like this with a look book so I can help illustrate some of what I coveredhere.

So soon you should see a spring/summer lookbook out on my channel where I'm incorporating a lot of these different trends.

And hopefully you guys enjoy that.

But that's it for this video guys.

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But I didn't know if I had enough time todo so.

So if you guys want to see that video, letme know and I will make it happen.

And as always guys thank you so much for watching.

And I'll talk to you in the next one.


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