Spring Outfit Ideas: Women’s Spring Fashion Trends | JCPenney


I'm Bertha.

And I'm Ana.

We are stylists at JC Penney.

And we're here to answer someof your styling questions.

Carmelita, one of our customers,wants to know, what kind of clothing do you think will bepopular to wear this spring? One of our favorite stylesthis spring, matching sets.

Not only do they make gettingdressed in the morning super easy, but you can break themapart, like we did here, and get even more bang for your buck.

Seriously, you're going to feel likeyou had a closet full of options with just a few pieces.

Let's get started.

Let's start with the matchingsaid you are most familiar with, the suit, except thisseason, it's bolder than ever in spring's must have yellow.

And it's not as trickyas you might think.

It's the perfect popyou've been looking for.

I love it paired with a simple camito break up the head to toe color.

And this floral heel,who can say no to that? But wait, there's more.

And this is where the real fun begins.

You start breaking it up.

The blazer to dress up apair of wide leg jeans, or the pants with the leopardtop and cool moto jacket.

All of that from one suit? Yup.

It's that easy.

And for something that never goesout of style, the boucle jacket and matching top.

It's like a modern day twin set.

The fabric is so polished and pretty.

Plus, it's lightweight too,perfect for springtime weather.

And with the white pants and apink heel, you can't go wrong.

All these colors in the bouclereally give you many options.

So you can wear it together or mix itup to add a chic twist to your workweek, like the top under yourfavorite black suit.

Or layer the jacket over a chambraybutton down and a cute skirt.

There's really nothing you can'tdo with these timeless pieces.

Who's ready for something more casual? This striped matching setis so cute and colorful.

It's soft.

It's flowy, pretty mucheverything you would want in weekend or vacation separates.

And it's the perfect excuse tothrow on a fun pair of sandals.

Now, I love this pair together.

It's a no-brainer that'scool and effortless.

But for even more wearout of every piece, let's see how we can wearthese styles on their own.

Wear the wrap top with wideleg jeans or the relaxed pants with a structured white blouse.

So many options and all guaranteedto keep your spring easy breezy.


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