Top 15 Fashion Trends That Men Hate!

15 Fashion Trends that men abhor!Hello peeps! This video is for the boys who can’t really understand who created suchfashion trends and for the girls who have their wardrobes overloaded with all kindsof accessories and clothing! You gotta get rid of some of that stuff because maybe theguy you are trying to impress, hates the clothes you wear or the accessories you carry! Weagree to the fact that you are pulling off things that are “in trend” and are beingshowed off on ramps! However, some of those attires are beyond our understanding! So goahead and watch this video to know what trends are going over our head and making us thinkthat your beauty is being overshadowed by it!Number 1.

Leopard Print Yes, you might be the tigress and obsessedwith the print! We’d agree that it looks great but only in woods! Some things shouldremain where they belong! Experimenting to the extent where you don’t let animals claimcopyright on their own skin is straight up unfair! This is a thing that women love andmen are just going along with while panicking that it might be a bit, Pat Butcher.

And frankly,we were okay with the coats but what was the need to introduce stockings in such a print?Number 2.

Giant Shoulders If you want our honest opinion about thisone then let us tell you that when we see them on women we automatically think of HoneyMonster and O J Simpson.

Okay! We aren’t against feminism, and agree that you can wearpants in a relationship! But if we didn’t take anything from your closet then how canyou take our closet and put into yours? Also, no man likes his girl’s shoulders to bebroader than his! So it’d be better if you let our clothes to us!Number 3.

Neon Colored Clothes Bright colors? Great choice! Dark one? Evenbetter! But neon? Seriously? We would just need your neon-ness only when we can’t findour stuff in the dark and we don’t want to stumble upon something! So it would bebetter if you take them and throw it in the garbage bin behind you! If you can’t dothat try to control your hormones and limit it to minor detailing!Number 4.

Oversized Shades We tried to adjust with oversized sweaters,boyfriend jeans, and anything you asked for in a size larger, even though all of thisbelonged in your grandmother’s closet! But don’t you think you went overboard withoversized shades? Wearing those can do just one good to you and that is hiding your imperfections!Whereas we want you to be confident in your flaws! Also, we can’t bear you hiding yourface, which we love! Number 5.

Asymmetrical DressesPlease tell what is up with you? This is just reverse of mullet, party in the front andbusiness at the back! No pun intended! What was the need to mix the long and the shortdress, we love you in both ways but that doesn’t mean you combine the two of those! What wedon’t get is why can’t you wear one complete, symmetrical dress? When we see a girl in suchdress numerous questions and thoughts come in our mind! Answer it the next time you meetus wearing that! Number 6.

JeggingsLet us tell you that imagination is a good thing if you didn’t know that already! Mysterymakes us interested! So giving away everything by wearing that piece of clothing is not sucha great idea! You should reconsider it, maybe? And if you are okay with giving away all thedetails then control on your choice of prints, if a Godzilla print is available in the market,it isn’t necessary to have it in your closet too! Do us a favor and let’s save some moneyby not buying it! Number 7.

Harem PantsWe understand that these are comfortable to the next level and are unique in modern fashion!According to you, they are they descend in a fitting format on the thighs and loose onthe bun area.

And according to us, that is the whole problem! These pants hide the mostgorgeous part of your body in a ridiculous way and we can’t stand it!Number 8.

Chokers If you could tell us who that first girl waswho started this trend post-2010, we’d be grateful as we really want to make her wearit and make it a bit tighter! Tighter enough for her to die! Because this trend belongedin the 90’s and it should have remained there! It looks nothing but tacky!Number 9.

Way too high Heels Women love heels and so do we! We want ourgirl to look great! But Cray high heels is something which is a big NO! If you can’twalk properly, then what is the purpose of such footwear? Walking is a necessity of lifeand you have legs for that purpose but to make your legs useless by wearing heels isnothing but gormless.

Think over it! Number 10.

Exaggerated MakeupWomen think that makeup is non-negotiable for men but let us clarify for you! Makeupneeds to be in the limit because if you overdo it, we might just want to date someone whois confident in her own skin! Let us tell you the most irritating part of your makeup!Contouring and falsies! We know how your cheekbones look like so contouring is not helping inany way! And don’t get us started on falsies! The most expressive part of a woman’s partis made fake all because of this bootless thing some creature created!Number 11.

Cold shoulder Off shoulder tops made more sense to us asit shows off your amazing neckline and collarbones which are sexy to us! But the cold shoulderis nothing but cutting off the shoulders from a basic T-shirt.

And that is somehow uselessand heavy on the pocket for no reason! Something must be wrong with the person who came upwith this idea, but we thought women are more intelligent than us! Why in the world didthey start buying it? Number 12.

OnesiesLet us ask you one main question that exists universally “how do you pee while wearingthese overalls?” According to us overalls should be left to farmers, it isn’t forwomen doing about their daily duties.

The trend of dropping one strap should be bannedaccording to us because it does not make sense, at least not to us! Rest we will leave itup to you! Number 13.

Open sided ShirtsFor men who don’t know about it, let us explain it to you! It is a t-shirt that haslong straps that go way past the armpit in order to reveal some side boob or a bra.

Theseare not practical because the woman seems half-naked on the sides yet she’s coveredup at the front and back.

We also do not understand the idea of revealing the bra, in its entiretyor side boob.

They're dumb unless you're wearing it to sleep because then you can look liketrash! Number 14.

RufflesTops and dresses with ruffles seem a bit too much for us.

The excess fabric on the clothesis unnecessary and the look is better suited for children and young girls, not grown women.

In fact, when we see a woman wearing such a dress or top, all we can think of is thesides of our mattress! That explains our hatred for this kind of fashion! We hope you don’ttake it to heart and throw that one away! Number 15.

Too many banglesWhen we walk beside you we want to hold your arms and not get hurt by being entangled inyour bangles! Too many bangles and that too not of your size is something you should avoidfor our convenience! Also the sound it makes with every motion is irritating and distracting!We beg off you ladies, Please keep it subtle! Which of these fashion trends you can’tstand? Tell us in the comment section below.

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