Top 20 Defining Fashion Trends Of The 2000’s!

Top 20 Defining Fashion Trends Of The 2000s 20.

Crocs- You know you committed sin if you owneda pair of crocs.

These shoes were a mix of clogs and Swisscheese, while we can’t deny how comfy they are who could've predicted how big these wouldget? If you owned a pair, you either loved themand proudly wore them everywhere or you secretly bought a pair online to see what the fusswas all about, but wouldn’t be caught dead in public wearing them.


Big Chains and Military Dog Tags- Plain butshiny unornamented chains was a classic fashion accessory worn by many rappers in the early2000’s to symbolize wealth, many men took to sporting chains as a fashion statement.

Actual military dog tags list the person’sname and medical information, but wearing personalized dog tags became a flashy andfast growing trend.

While there is a bit of a barrier for mento get over wearing any jewelry, decorated in this type of bling was midlength and adornedwith jewels and worn over big shirts, but we’ll get more into that later.


Emo Grunge- Although the culture origin startedin the 1980’s, it wasn’t until the early 2000’s that emo and emo grunge broke intothe mainstream.

This included wearing black, fitted shirts,cuffed jeans and is mainly recognized for its unique hairstyles.

Popular looks include big poofy hair withbright colors like blue pink or blonde.

Hair is also cut into choppy layers accompaniedwith side swept eyes and dark makeup for both boys and girls.

Emo grunge is a stereotype associated withbeing emotional, introverted and angst.


Exposed Thongs- Also known as the whale tail,exposed thongs become a common trend among celebrities like Britney Spears and ChristinaAguilera that gave way to paparazzi to snap photos left and right.

The crazy lace thong craze was on the risein the early 2000’s and reached its peak when r&b singer Sisqo released the “ThongSong.

” The trend became a subject of debate afterit was criticized that it sexualized young women and that it was “selling sex” toyoung girls.

After a few years, this trend started to dieoff as it was received with much backlash as it was viewed as indecent and trashy.


Phat Farm Shoes and Baby Phat Fashion- AlthoughPhat Farm Shoes were released in the early 90’s, they didn’t become mainstream untilaround 2002 to 2003.

They came in an assortment of colors and wearingthese added a little swag to your outfit.

They became popularized thanks to fashionmogul Russell Simmons and him and his wife also ran a clothing line called Baby Phatthat was strictly a women's line and the urbanized fashion wear quickly spread everywhere.


Ecko, Sean John, and Rocawear- Throughoutthe 2000’s, if a notable rapper was hot in the game, then you can definitely bet thathe has his name linked to a brand.

Not only was this a creative way to generatebusiness, but it helped boost sales in albums which in turn made them more money.

Even though most of these brands were overpriced,these brands were the hottest thing out on the market at the time, so the price didn’tmatter.

While other rapper clothing lines evolvedinto successful businesses like Kanye West’s brand and Yeezy’s, most of the brands havedecreased in production.


Streaky Hair Highlights and Frosted Tips-Your friend had them; your aunt had them, your favorite boy band hand them, heck youhad them! The classic chunky highlight look was sportedby many celebrities that include Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson and all the membersof N’sync! Hair is usually bleached to achieve the look,and the highlights were found in many colors like blonde, red and even pink.

Frosted hair tips started in the late 90’sand made its way in the early 2000’s, and the hairstyle was even parodied in seasonfive of the show Chuck.

In fact, the look was so popular that manycompanies sold temporary highlight spray to achieve the look.


Skater Chic-While skateboarding is often associatedwith a guy sport; many females started rocking skater chic when Avril Lavigne made her wayinto the music industry.

Besides wearing ties for casual wear, brandslike Vans and Zumiez began to become a hit among teens.


Big Faced Plastic Watches- Although it isconsidered cheap and tacky now, in the early 2000’s big faced G-Shock or Timex watcheswere the ultimate arm candy! They were affordable, lightweight and funto wear.

They were in such high demand that it becameavailable in a wide range of colors and even became a collector’s item for some people.


Shiny Bubble Jackets with Fur- Unless you’rean avid snowboarder, this fashion item shouldn’t be in your possession.

But in the early 2000’s bubble jackets withfur around the hood was a fashion favorite during cold weather.

With top name brands like Sean John and AppleBottoms dishing these out on shelves, many people were flocking to the stores to gettheir hands on one.


Preppy Wear- Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch,American Eagle, and J.

Crew were brands that made anyone look like they hailed from southernCalifornia and spent everyday lounging at the beach and went to an Ivy League school.

This whole look was seen a cut and dry image,and despite its high prices, many people were willing to dish out money to wear a plaintee shirt with a little bird logo on the side.


Airbrushed Graphic tees- Airbrushed graphictees were on the rise from 2003-2005.

It either had your name on it and a stencildrawing of your favorite fictional character.

Or it shows deceased celebrities with a dateand with the words “in loving memory” on the top.

This style became such a huge hit that you’dspot several booths at the mall or county fair offering you an airbrushed tee for only$19.

95! 8.

Baggy Pants with Oversized Shirts- Who couldforget when pants were super baggy and sagged past the waistline and worn with a big shirtthat looked two sizes too big?! This hip hop fashion craze was imminent amongmany hip-hop artists, and even though we’re thankful now that fashion trend died off along time, we still can’t help but cringe when we think about it.


Livestrong bands- From 2004 to 2005, Livestrongbracelets were worn by many teens but were unaware of its actual origin.

Back in 1997, Lance Armstrong launched thecharity foundation, but it wasn’t until his yellow bracelet began that thousands ofyoungsters sported it as a fashion item.

Through a partnership with Nike, over 50 millionof the bands were sold worldwide to support cancer research.


Juicy Couture TrackSuits- You could bet thatevery girl owned a Juicy Couture Tracksuit and many celebrities like Kim Kardashian andParis Hilton was spotted wearing velour track wear.

Paparazzi had no issues capturing photos ofthe word “juicy” in rhinestones written across their butt.

Even though the style has since faded, itis believed that these tracksuits might be making a comeback.

Fashion always seems to come full circle,so it’ll be interesting to see if these become a fashion favorite again.


Popped Collar Polos- Sporting a popper collarhas forever soured our taste for it as we now link it to douchebaggery and conceitedness.

It was once a hit among pop culture and haseven been bolstered by many retailers as a gimmick to sell their brands.

While popping your collar is no longer seenoutside of the Jersey Shore house, let’s leave this fashion trend in the sports department;where popping your collar is acceptable when playing golf or tennis.


Shutter Shades- These slanted glasses havebeen around longer than you think but recently made a comeback in the early 2000’s afterit was worn by many musical artists.

While shutter shades do not function as realglasses since it does not shield the eyes from the sun; it’s mostly worn for fun orentertainment.


Ed Hardy, True Religion, and Von Dutch- Jerkalert! Anyone spotted wearing these brands couldbet that person was a little stuck up and full of themselves.

Bejeweled tight tee shirts accompanied withflared jeans was a hit fashion wear among jocks and electro brothers and made themselvesout to be aggressive, cool and superior.

Aside from giving people a street edge, ithas since started fading due to its negative association, but the company is rumored tobe making a comeback.


Uggs- Dating back all the way to 2001, Uggboots have become a must-have for every girl’s wardrobe.

The growing demand for Uggs made its manufacturersall the way in Australia revamp its style with various colors.

Now you can get the boots in any color, andwhether it’s casual or party wear, these boots are worn for any occasion.


Crop Tops with Jean Miniskirts- For everygirl, wearing a halter top with a jean mini skirt was the ultimate outfit.

Granted that your parents probably wouldn’tlet you leave the house looking that way but you knew you looked fabulous.

Crop tops were usually midlength and exposedyour stomach, and the mini skirt was too mini that you had to be careful bending over.

Plus you and your friends all had to matchand wore similar outfits going to the mall or the park.

Basically, any girl had her fair share ofmini skirts.

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