Top Winter Fashion Trends 2018/2019

hi guys welcome back to my channel todaywe are doing a super exciting fashion video that we'll be talking about allthe trends that you need to know for winter 2000 18/19 there is quite a bitsimplified it for you guys because I've been looking at the runwayhalf of those things I can wear on a daily basis they lock me up I wanted tosay a huge thank you to marshals for collaborating and sponsoring this videoI don't know if you guys remember but I actually partnered up with Marshalls andI was one of the guest judges on stitched last month which is reallyexciting if you guys didn't catch that episode I'm gonna link in thedescription box they actually created a dress for me from me it was really cooland the show is really cool concept it's a bunch of different designers andbasically they get a challenge every single day and they basically have tohave it done but the end of the day which is kind of nerve-wracking but Iwas really excited to be part of it so for today's video showing you the trendsI wanted to actually do a little challengeso stitch had an episode that was based on the mini me challenge where basicallyyou take your children and you create a mini-me of yourself yay obviouslymini-me so I got inspired and I grabbed Jack and Ben not grabs I didn't grabthem I asked Jack I didn't ask them I told them I told Jack and Ben thatthey're gonna be my enemies for two trends okay let's get to the trends sothe first trend is the expressionist the expressionist is really all about beinglike tada Here I am it's really all about mixingand matching colors prints textures to create a little more dramatic look to itwhere you can really show off your personality with this trend and theseare actually the colors that you will see working together really well as youcan see the colors that I incorporated will red played the Hat some Brownand reddish in it and the dark green which I love and actually it's amazingto see how much of a versatile color it is you'll be seeing that color in a lotof the trends that I'll be talking about today don't be scared to be bold and alittle bit out there even if you don't necessarily want to wear something soloud like an animal print mixing up those bold colors would really bringthat a trend to life I will be expressing myself a lot this winter alot this is actually a really exciting trend because I feel like we allsometimes fall into this black and white and black patterns in the winter soworking with the colors in the expressionist will really give you anidea of how to combine all these colors together you also see Jake and Benny Ipick the plate with a bold color for them something that we really bring abit of their funkiness out not that they need it I mean you can see look atthere's so much concern all of these clothes are from Marshalls where you caneasily find all the trends that I'll be talking about for a really reallyaffordable prices and the second trend you'll be seeing quite a bit this winteris the elevated comfort this is definitely one of my favorite favoritetrends for the season and it's all about those luxe knitwear neutral tonesbringing those cashmere feels with laid-back fit something that looks likeyou're so cozy and comfortable but you're expensive AF which I absolutelylove and this is a great way to bring that Cygnus and yet feel comfortable Ifeel like women when they're comfortable they are like confidence level is onanother level and they look sexier so this is a great trend that all of us canincorporate into our wardrobe for me I chose these beautiful flowy pantsthat I found and Marshalls and this cashmere sweater that looks so cozy init is cozy and I'm gonna be living in it and it's beautifulovercoat that's basically playing with the neutral colors a little bit of earthtones for the boys I took the blues and the beiges and the whites and broughtthose in as well it all feels and looks verylight yet expensive and for the elevated comfort the colors you can play with forthis season will be these colors you have the blues and the Grace and thebeiges and brown and a lot of calm colors just make you feel Zen the nextone you'll be seeing is classic revival and this is all about bringing thatroyal you out to the world this is all about feminine textures feminine colorsembroidery lace ruffles really romantic really feminine in this trend this is anexample of a blouse that I found that really incorporates the embroidery thebeautiful textures that feminine vibe that you can easily mix up with jeans orwith leather pants or anything that can kind of bring a little contrast to it orjust keep that vibe going with white pants or a skirt so this can really workeither way we're basically trying to look like a character from Shakespeareplays for those colors I mean that's pretty easy you guys can reallyconcentrate on those deep beautiful rich colors that are romantic and feminineand make you feel warm inside and the last but not least and one of myabsolute favorites cuz I've been wearing it forever is menswear this season thisis not a men's world anymore okay this is a woman's world women who steal men'sclothes yeah that's the world I want to live in so this is all about oversizedfits masculine patterns and textures and suit pants you just go with it step intoyour boyfriend / husband / the guy you hook up with closet and grab yourfavorite pieces and just run with it and literally run out of the closet becauseif you'll see it you'll be like hey but I want to wear it and then you have todo this like don't you know Valerius said menswear is in trend right now justtake it and run so in this look I found these beautiful suit fans that have blueand whites and blacks in it so it has a more feminine tone to it and I paired itwith this beautiful cashmere sweater that I also found at Marshall'sthe trick with menswear is to make sure that the fit is right so even if you'rewearing those big oversized pants you want to make sure that they are tighteron the waist they bring shape to your body that theBlazers that you're wearing you don't drown in them so make sure to noticethose little things that will really make a huge difference and make it lookchic rather than not chic for me I've been mixing masculine and feminine for along time that's kind of my style so I love pairing those manly and masculinelooking items with the more feminine stuff if it's even a big oversizedsweater and men's suit pants you can wear it with beautiful heels justsomething that would bring that little like and these are the 4 main maintrends that I really wanted to share with you and simplify it for you becausethere's quite a bit going on on the runways you see a lot of glossy where alot of neons a lot of metallic colors I'm not a huge fan of it becausepersonally it doesn't work for me but those who definitely will be around forthis season as well so you guys can check that out and honestly my biggesttip for winter to make sure that you look chic and feel comfortable is layersit's all about the layers you can build such depth into even a simple outfit ifyou weren't a bun down put a turtleneck under it and then a blazer it gives thatlike really cool calculated look overcoats is something that I am a bigfan of and you don't actually have to buy expensive I found some of these thatI wore to show you at Marshall's for an amazing price so those are always fun toplay around you can bring different colors in even if you're wearing a plainkind of outfit putting a fun overcoat on top of it or just like a different colorwill really bring something to the outfit scarves hats any accessories willreally jazz up an outfit and make you feel like you're not just wearing blackand Gray's every single day out this is it you guys I hope you enjoyed it if youare wearing any of trends and you want to like take areally cool outfit up-to-date of yourself and send it to me I love thatyou guys can DM me on Instagram anytime I'm obsessed with your outfit of the daypictures if you want to see a more of the episode for the mini me challengeI'm linking everything below in the description bar no more coffee for methank you guys so much for watching and I will see you.

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