What Not To Wear in Madrid | Spanish Fashion Trends to Know

hi guys what's up if you're new to mychannel welcome my name is Kat Theo and I just recorded this entire videowithout my mic on so here we go again I'm assuming if you're watching thisvideo you have at least some remote interests in Spain as you should it's agreat country where your love for spicy food goes to die well all jokes asideyou will love Madrid and you might just never leave like me by the way if youdon't know my channel you should I'm specifically talking about Madrid citycentre not extremadura not Galicia not the entire Iberian Spanish Peninsulajust Madrid just a disclaimer this video is really just my opinion and should notbe taking that seriously if you disagree with me I'll leave a comment below anice one please but if this is your first time living abroad and you justwant to fit in I just want to say you will see everything here everyone hastheir own interpretation of style and don't forget that Madrid is a majorinternational city with all kinds of different people feel free to take thistime that you're away from your home and your comfort looks on to experiment withyour style and learn what European fashions you love and you hate becausewhy not so with that being said here's my list generalizing what Spanish peopledo not wear in Madrid number one is socks with sandals no nohonestly though I don't know what influencer or famous person made thisokay in the United States to leave your house in this fashion maybe a famousbasket player was like I don't know what to wear today should I wear sneakers orshould I wear sandals and I just kind of came out with like socks and sandals andthen just caught on because that happens often people just wear things they justcatch on I would say most of everything on this list is pretty subjective butthis one you will never ever ever see on anyone ever but I've gone for a whilefrom the United States comment below people are still wearing socks withsandals out in public my second thing is not actually a thing people wear but howthey dress for the season and not for the temperature I talked about this inmy other video but this is not something you're gonna see until it's kind ofwintery ish and the weather is changing and it's kind of like bipolar global warming.

it almost feels like that a lot of people have already changed theirwardrobes to their winter wardrobe and then when it gets like one weird hotdate they're just like I'm not gonna take out my my summer clothes again ormy fall clothes I don't know you keep an eye on it this winter and let me know mythird thing are Sports shoes this is more just for women I commented aboutthis in my other video and a lot of people like disagree with me so I justwant to clarify what I meant has anyone else noticed that mostly teens youngadults I would say they wear simple black or white converse vans types ofshoes it's like a fashion sneaker it's not a sports sneaker like Nike orJordans it's like very fashion type of sneaker they're plain and they matchpretty much many different outfits are white they're black they'reeasy to match with anything you'll even feel itTimberland like shoes that are pretty popular but what you won't see withwomen on it every day basis is just walking around in the city centre people wearing Nikes Jordans sports shoes like sportsshoes for running but I wear sports shoes I'm not running and I don't evengo to the gym I just wear sports shoes just because like they're comfortablebut you won't really see that unless they're working out what's your opinionlet me know my next thing are how Spanish women and men like to wear moreneutrals than big loud colors in my opinion may dress a lot moreconservatively than in the United States as far ascolors go a lot of Nuetrals blacks whites beiges things that match withmany different outfits like I said before you get a little bit ofeverything and everyone in Madrid however I do notice that in generalpeople don't wear a lot of things and are like look at me type of colors andoutfits more like neutrals it's more put together and honestly I really love it Ireally love it ok the next one are wiploc flip-flops just say goodbye toyour flip-flops unless you're at the pool or the beachor somewhere where there's water flip-flops people don't wear on a dailybasis it can even be hot out people just don't wear flip-flops it's just likesandals heels or these converse shoes my next thing is in winter and fall the leatherjackets are in my goodness I didn't realize how cute leather jackets werethey're just so cute I love it you just throw money anything just seems like inthe winter and in fall most women wear the leather jackets they're super cuteand that's just something that's definitely in style if you are in Madridalready and you are looking for like some cheap ones especially faux leatheryou can check out the rostro they have a lot of stuff and they have a lot ofdeals where you can get faux leather jackets for ten dollars and under okaythe next thing kind of fashion thing in Madrid I've noticed if there's notmuch of a difference between Spanish women during the day – Spanish women ahwhat do I mean by that is a lot of time in the US during the day we are verylazy and you know sweatpants leggings sneakers kind of like always insportswear but when we go out it is like complete 360 makeup nail hair outfit andwe were like looking like tens but during the days like a lot of people atleast a lot of people from I don't care but I feel like Spanish women especiallymy friends do not change that much from day and night it's like they always lookgreat but then at night when we go out they just throw on some heels and moremakeup and that's that's it they don't you don't like this huge day/night itjust makes me feel like a complete disaster because during the day I'm likeChewbacca and then that night I'm like Beyonce Ijust like they have more of a culture of I'm going outside let me not look like ahot mess whereas we don't really here I don't know what's your opinionlet me know Oh my last thing is about men wearing shortsokay this has been like the conversation of the frickin day let me tell you myroommate Dani says it's very common for men to wear shorts I personally havenot seen that many men wearing shorts I don't know if it's just like in the u.


A lot of men wear basketball shorts literally when I went back home I waslike everyone is wearing back to squat shorts I come back here I just feel likepeople we're travelers more often and they just dress a little bit nicer but Ithink a lot of people disagree so I am gonna ask Facebook what do the peoplethat are veterans he had I've looked it for a few yearsgranted I never actually lived in Madrid in the really hot months of July andAugust when it gets really really hot how this is but there's but the rest of the year I feel like they wear trousers so let's go to Facebook right now and check outwhat people think about this okay the results are in 57 people say yes all thetime so Wow a lot of people think Spanish men do wear shorts outside ofexercising and 20 people said sometimes five people said no never so obviouslypeople do not agree with me and two people said yes but in short shorts andthen one person just said I haven't noticed okay let's go to the commentsAndres says not just shorts but super short shorts above the knee can't forgetthe dangling cross earring in one year I haven't seen that as much actuallystephanie says not often I've noticed most people wear jeans into the summer Iagree with this I've seen jeans mostly I see people with jeans but Paula says notto work but then will says depends on what kind of work the met my primaryschool wear shorts whenever the weather calls for it okayJack says people dress up at night usually wearing trousers but obviouslyif it's summer shorts are more common and this person says my Spanish husbandnever wears shorts only if they are swim trunks at the beach or the lake butsince moving here I've learned that he almost never represents the north and Ican't judge things by him I would say some do and some don't I totally agreewith this ok so there you have it on men wearing shorts in Madrid I think it'sall very it's not as common as in the US but a lot of people do especially in thesummer and that's that that's all I have for you guys today I hope you enjoyedthis video as much as I enjoyed creeping on people on my Terrace as they walkedby I had so much fun making this video so what things that I miss put it downbelow I'll see you in the next video bye.

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