Vita Motus Design Reel 2013

Vita Motus is a multi-disciplinary design studio that implements innovative techniques to create products and environments, which set trends and forge new paths in the entertainment and design industries. Finding inspiration from academic futurologist, Vita Motus designs can be interpreted as a social commentary about our everchanging evolution, embracing, technology, speed and change. Driven by a balance of artistic passion and industrial design expertise, Vita Motus has extensive experience working in automotive, interactive, & environmental designs, as well as TV and live theater sets, traveling tour stages and product development and design.

In the music industry specifically, Vita Motus has built and created the vision for innumerable ground-breaking, high-tech, 3D mapped touring stages for top clients such as Amon Tobin, Infected Mushroom, Bingo Players and acclaimed television show American Idol. Our work also has manifested in the creation, design/build of stage installations for festivals world wide to create one of a kind shade structures and encompass the musical acts from supporting stages to main stages, for clients like Coachella, The Do Lab, Boom Festival, Elkectric Picnic and more.

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