Ferrari Augmented Reality App

Zspace commissioned me to conceptualise, ideate and lead the concept, creative and strategy of this project for their client Ferrari Australasia

Whilst looking into a creative solution – our product and brief evolved. Our final product was far greater than the original idea, providing a practical sales tool that excites the customer about the brand.

Together with Ferrari we recognised an opportunity to take the sales experience to the next level. The application taps into the mythology, showcases all the specifics of each vehicle and allows for meaningful and educational interaction with the Dealer.

From the beginning It was hugely important for us to create something with longevity, to fill a gap in the showroom experience, and to add value not just to the engagement with the brand, but also sales. Because its not enough to just have a cool piece of tech, it has to deliver outcomes.

Created at ZSPACE in Sydney Australia – in collaboration with Ferrari Australasia.

Technology: Unity3D, iOS, Markerless AR, 3D Object Tracking

Awards: Gold for Mobile Marketing – AutoVision Awards 2015

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