Future Archeology

Future Archeology is Paula Zuccotti’s first documentary feature film based on her book “Every Thing We Touch”. Can our objects tell the story of our lives? The film challenges us to imagine how future generations would make sense of our physical footprint from the objects we touch.

For this, Zuccotti embarked on a quest to create a time capsule of our lives by photographing in a single-shot all the objects that people come in contact with over a 24 hour period.

From a cowboy in Arizona to a nun in Madrid, from a one month old baby in London to a 71 years old puppeteer in Shanghai, she travelled the world exploring our interaction with everyday objects, treating them as clues that reveal insights into how we live our daily lives. As an industrial designer, ethnographer, trend forecaster and artist, Zuccotti’s story blends the fields of design, society, technology, anthropology and art. Camera in hand, her film is a visual feast of objects, people and culture unveiling her learnings and the experiences of those who participated.

Directed and produced by Paula Zuccotti
Camera: Tom Underwood, Josh Wasserman, Paula Zuccotti
Editors: Tom Underwood, Josh Wasserman, Paula Zuccotti
Writer: Paula Zuccotti
Executive producer: TheOverworld Ltd 2019
Photography: Paula Zuccotti
Film poster, logo and typography: Jake Noakes

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